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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 8, 2008

i am procrastinating for reals right now.  i had grand ambitions of working out after work, but so far i’ve just been setting up this new, fun, completely unnecessary blog here.  anything hubs can do, i can do better!  i mean, equally as well.  i just want to be part of the club.  the dual-blog club.  so now if hubs and i run out of things to talk about, he can say, “hey, you know how we both have two blogs?” and i can say, “yeah, i do know.  how rad is that?” and he can say, “real rad babe, real rad.”  man we are awesome.

i gave tippy two carrots earlier.  what kind of dog loves carrots?  our dog.  our goofy, needy tippy.  she’s ridiculous.  she needs a friend.  i’m tired of thinking about getting a cat, though, after all the stupid crap with bud the sick cat.  wherever he is.  i think he’s dead and they just don’t want to tell us.

ok, i’m trying to figure something out.  at work we have these “all hands on deck” saturdays every once in a while, i guess for the purpose of boosting sales.  maybe i can understand that, although the effect is generally just an overstaffed saturday and an understaffed week.  the kicker is that if we aren’t at 100% for our quarterly sales as a branch as of friday night, they make us stay an extra hour on saturday.  THAT is the part i don’t understand.  no one comes to the bank after two on a saturday!!! they end up paying eight people an hour of overtime and getting nothing back for it.  why!!?  i cannot understand.  i’m exasperated.  plus, that means we work 830-3 with no lunch.  what a cruel world.

i’m out.  no you’re the one who’s out!




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  1. secondhandremarks said, on April 9, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    You are hilarious little one. Missin’ you.

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