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well-laid plans

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 1, 2008

john is on his way to dallas.  boo.  he woke me up before he left for work (i had the day off) to say goodbye, since he was planning on heading north straight from work.  i got up and hopped on the computer like half an hour later, and wondered why john wasn’t logged in from work yet.  turns out, it took him an hour to get to work because traffic was so bad…because there was a broken water main leading to his building!  he’d heard on the radio that there was a water main issue downtown, but once he got there realized it was right next to the chase tower.  so, since there was no water in the building, everyone left to work from home.  yay for me!  i got to spend all day with hubs before he left!  totally awesome.

now i’m bored.  i don’t know what to do with myself when jb’s not around!  there are tons of things i could be doing i guess, namely laundry, but that sounds pretty awful.  at least our apartment is starting to smell normal again, after i left the teapot on the stove with the burner on and went to work.  i was starting to make tea, then the power went out in the apartment, and i forgot to turn the burner off before we went to work.  so when john got home over lunch to take tippy out, the apartment was filled with smoke (somehow our smoke alarm wasn’t going off…) and the teapot had started to melt.  the lining on the spout and handle had disintegrated and floated up in the air, then settled all over everything in the apartment.  and since i’m married to the most awesome person ever, he cleaned everything up and opened all the windows.  that was like three days ago, and you still get a good whiff of chemical when you walk in the door.  i’m an idiot!

ok.  i’m actually going to do laundry now and put my giveaway clothes in a garbage bag.  boooo. 


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  1. secondhandremarks said, on May 2, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Just thinking about you. For the record, sleeping on Brad’s couch doesn’t begin to compare with falling asleep next to you.

    Also, Dallas traffic is the worst thing in the history of mankind…

    Love you!

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