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here’s things:

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 28, 2008

good things include my husband, our kitten (mostly), our dog, money, and togetherness.  bad things include our jobs (mostly), which unfortunately provide us the money, which is good; sore throats, and tiredness.

work has felt different to me lately.  rather, i have felt differently about work lately.  i’ve always kind of said that i didn’t care too much about it, being temporary and all, but i went in and tried to make those numbers and felt some pride in doing well.  i haven’t been making the numbers lately, from a lack of trying, for a lack of caring, for a lack of presence.  work is good if there are no customers and i can do the crossword, work is bad if there’s no one to talk to about it.  we’re all in the same unhappy little boat, where we look at each other and roll our eyes and say what a day; and we all have plans of jumping ship, to complete an analogy.  “oh how funny, we make no money and people are mean to us sometimes.  good thing i’m out of here as soon as _________.”  today my drawer was a hundred dollars over and i’ll surely get written up for it tomorrow, and if there are degrees of indifference, i’m very much so.  but all this is not to say that it’s bad.  is that possible?  i don’t mind it.  maybe that’s all i needed to say.  work:  i don’t mind it, so long as it doesn’t mind me.  

i feel like i should feel guilty for having my husband sometimes.  he’s so good, it must be bad.  i’m not, though.  i deserve it.  


the holiday weekend was so good.  we drove out saturday morning and hung out with john’s parents before the wedding.  the wedding was reeeaaally fun.  we drank and saw old friends and it was just lovely.  on sunday we chilled out til it was time to meet up with my dad so we could shop for rafting stuff and then go to dinner.  he told me about some medical issues he’s been having that i’ll mention later.  back at dad’s we watched a movie and then went back and crashed at john’s parents.  then monday we made breakfast tacos for everyone before we headed over to my mom’s for the e-team picnic.  the picnic was fun-most of those people i only see once a year so it’s nice to catch up.  

that’s all for now.  



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