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throwing the cat

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 23, 2008

the news is pretty much that everything is going to be different.  work will be the same but different and our apartment will have the same things but different and outside nothing will be the same.  it’s just going to loom until it’s here and it’s going to weigh until it doesn’t.  yes we’ll find an apartment and yes i’ll find a job and it will be good.  

sometimes i think what gets overwhelming about this move is that it reminds me of my trip to france in that first week feeling so completely isolated and homesick.  i know this is really nothing like that, i’ll obviously not be alone and i’ll speak the same language as the people around me.  it’s just the uncertainty, i think, of going out there without a place to live with all of our stuff and our animals in a truck that sounds kind of nightmarish.  ech.  whatever, it’ll pan out how it wants to.

i need to do yoga or something.  i can’t run in this weather, it makes me feel so heavy.  i can’t really run anyway, who am i kidding.  anyway, i don’t like what the scale is telling me, and beyond that, i just don’t feel like i’m in good shape anymore, so i’m going to do my best to fix it while still working full time and spending as much time as i’d like to with my husband.  i’m starting to believe all those people who say, “i just don’t have time to work out.”  i feel you.

time for more coffee.



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