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au revoir wisdom teeth

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 23, 2008

so, got the wisdom teeth out yesterday.  the procedure itself was a breeze.  they gave me the nitrous, then an IV (funny story there: i was already kind of out of it when she tried to put the IV in my left arm, and after it didn’t work i told her, “oh yeah, that side never works,” and she was like, “oh, thanks for telling me now!” so they stuck me in the hand instead), then she told me i was going to start feeling funky…i remember saying something like, “dang, this stuff works fast” and the next thing i remember was someone helping me up out of the chair.  in the recovery room, they had mom and john come in, and i proceeded to tell them i thought they’d given me a chin implant.  john travolta’s chin.  like in face-off, but not the whole face.  i also think i talked to claire on the phone, and she couldn’t understand a single word i said.  

the afternoon was kind of rough, really only because they had me so numbed up that i couldn’t feel my lip enough to drink anything, so i couldn’t take the pain meds.  i managed to figure out how to eat apple sauce and a frosty, and after i took the pain meds i felt a little bit better.  seriously though, my bottom lip and chin stayed numb for a good twelve hours after the surgery.  i tried to sleep, pretty unsuccessfully.  i’m not a back sleeper, but i couldn’t sleep on either side of my face.  boo.  i’m not nearly as swollen as i thought i would be, probably because of all the steroids i’m on.  i think i’m supposed to be swishing with saltwater now or something.  eh.  you know what they need to come up with?  gauze that has lidocaine in it.  it probably already exists.  but you know, just some really mild analgesic to numb up that area in addition to whatever systemic pain killer they give you.  

also i should mention that my husband and mom are pretty freaking sweet.  john’s off doing bachelor party stuff for sam, so he and mom have been trading off taking care of me duties 🙂

it’s probably shower time or something.  boo.


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