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now she’s gone, and i don’t worry

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on September 30, 2008

we haven’t been here long enough to stop referring to austin as “home,” but after living in austin for five years i still referred to houston as home, so what can you really expect.  i’m still looking for a job, let’s just not talk about it.  we’re getting to know the neighborhood, i have a favorite coffee shop and we have a weekend breakfast joint.  a sidenote about that: they have something called a hashbrown sandwich.  i don’t know if it’s regional, or specific to this cafe, but it is amazing.  they take a thin layer of hashbrowns and melt cheddar cheese on it, then add sausage or bacon and onions, or, my personal favorite, spinach and mushrooms and onions and sausage, then fold it over like an omelette.  does that not blow your mind??!  it is the perfect food.  anyway.  i like our neighborhood, and i could certainly get used to it.  

right now what i’m excited about is my mom visiting this weekend.  she comes in thursday night, with the hardly strictly bluegrass festival as an excuse.  it will be fun-so many good bands playing in golden gate park, all for free no less.  

and now i’m going to talk myself into going for a run…boo.


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