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i know my name

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 18, 2008

it’s easier to keep track of the date when you have something going on, and i have things going on, like a real job that starts sunday and a to-do list that has some urgency, must do this to do that, to move forward cross that line and move on down.

you know, even though it’s been a little tough on me lately, being sort of lonely and pretty bored, being frustrated and it’s hard not to feel a little let down by my old job, even if i didn’t like it, and it’s hard to feel confident when no one’s calling you back.  so what can you do but get a new haircut and go into retail.  and you know, even though i used to get paid more and in my old job i had “room to grow,” i think i’m going to feel better about working at anthropologie because i don’t mind being associated with it.  if i were at the gap i’d probably resent it the same way i did wells fargo, but i think when i tell my family and friends now that i’m working at anthropologie they’ll say, “oh yeah, i can see you there, you’ll like it” and not something like, “oh, well it’s just temporary.”

i stopped saying what i started to, which is that even though it hasn’t been the easiest transition, i have so much that i still feel full.  i know that john and i are young and moony-eyed, and at the risk of sounding naive, it’s just so easy.  it’s easy to be in love, i don’t stretch and we don’t meet in the middle, because neither has to leave where they are to be together.  i’m proud and flattered and i have the ultimate freedom to never have to apologize for being what i am, to not be afraid to misstep, to not hold my breath.  c’est une vie sans souci.  it’s hard not to smile about it all, and why would you try to fight it.


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