[full of it]


Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 20, 2008

i fell asleep last night in a very definite way.  i don’t think i would have gotten up if the apartment was on fire.  if john said goodbye to me this morning, i don’t remember it.  after falling asleep at 1030, i woke up at 8, feeling pretty much like death.  i dozed for about another hour and finally made my way to the couch.  i ate half a bowl of cereal and a banana, even though i was queasy, i thought maybe it would help. which it did not.  my head was hurting, which i thought coffee might help, but it didn’t and just made my stomach worse.  after i showered i started feeling a little bit better, but i still feel like crap and that’s about all i’ve managed to do today.  i took tippy out and clipped her nails.  and now, even though i slept for so long so hard last night, i reeeaaaally want to take a nap.  i hope all this sleep doesn’t mean i actually am getting sick instead of just feeling crappy for a day.  boo.

in other news, i went to my orientation at anthropologie yesterday morning (maybe waking up before 6am for the first time in so long is what’s making me feel so bad).  i think once i get to know everyone and where everything is i’ll really like it.  retail isn’t rocket science, but at least i’ll like what i’m selling.  plus, who can complain about a 40% discount?  i’m certainly okay with it.  

i’m going to try to take nap…


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