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strike me dead if i don’t love you

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 31, 2008

a series of bullet points for your enjoyment:

  • i put in a rough 5-hour week this week…which means this month i’ve given them more money than i’ve gotten.  yikes.
  • jb actually has worked really, really hard this week.  
  • and this week isn’t even over!
  • i don’t have tuberculosis.

also, how much do i love having produce delivered to us.  so much.  we get a box every other week, full of whatever is in season and looking good that week.  mostly i love it because it makes me try new things.  like, would i ever buy kale and broccoli rabe at the store?  or a sugarpie pumpkin?  no, but now i have them, so we’re going to eat them.  we’ll see if i can cut the pumpkin in half without cutting my hand off…

what else.  how about work.  so far, like i said, i’ve only worked one shift.  it was kind of crazy at first, there’s not a lot of “training” involved.  dressing room was fine, but when they put me on the floor as a size runner, it was kind of trying, because i have no idea where anything is.  at some point i had to go get a shoe size for someone, and when i went back into the shoe stock room, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the organization of things.  also, there was a dolly full of boxes blocking the only real walkway, so i guess if the shoes you wanted were on the other side of it, you were s.o.l.  i found the shoes i was looking for, but there were only two boxes of them on an otherwise empty shelf, so i really didn’t know if i was looking at the last two pairs or two misplaced pairs.  fortunately, one of them was in her size.  phew.  anyway, by the end of it my feet hurt really bad and i was exhausted.  i’m sure you get used to it (and right now i’m really just used to sitting on my ass all day), but i’m still glad this is a part-time job.

good things:  the office is on tonight, i’m listening to the little willies which is enough to make anyone happy, i’m planning on making some really awesome mashed potatoes tonight, it’s gray and rainy which makes me believe it’s fall, i’m hungry (which is a good thing because there’s actually food in the apartment), and john should be coming home soon.

peace out, knockout.


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