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Halloween, football, babies.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on November 2, 2008

Wow, San Francisco knows how to do weather.  There really isn’t a middle ground: it’s the most gorgeous day you’ve ever seen or it drives you indoors and keeps you there.  “Rain in the forecast” doesn’t mean a thirty-minute torrential downpour, as I would expect it to mean in Houston, it means gusty winds that make it hard to hear the TV and a steady drizzle…all day.  We braved it out to Art’s this morning to get our hashbrown sandwich fix, and got soaking wet up to the knees under our umbrellas.  It got worse after we got back, so that even if we did have plans they would have been abandoned.  So far we’ve just been sitting around, talking about the wind and the rain, and watching Palladia, which is a music channel we get.  With tickets to shows being so expensive out here ($75 to see Ben Folds??  $25 to see She and Him?  No thank you), this is a pretty good way to hear some good live music.  

Speaking of things being expensive, we’re sending the car back to Texas.  To my mom’s garage, more specifically.  As infrequently as we drive it, it’s in no way worth the money it’s costing us to have it here.  It’s really nice to have it when we need to buy a bunch of groceries, but for that we could just as easily sign up for Zip Car and still be winning out financially, even with the cost of shipping the car home.


I had to pause for the first half of the Texas game.  As great as it was to be a fan last weekend, it’s equally as frustrating this weekend.  It looks like the entire team partied last night, and maybe even a little this morning.  As for tech, I’m still holding out that one or all of them will spontaneously combust at some point during the game.  Hopefully Mac will light a (figurative) fire under their asses at half-time and it won’t have to come to that.  Also, I’ve had a beer and a half pretty quickly for my standards, and if I move onto number three I’m either going to get rowdy or fall asleep.  Maybe I’m already a little tipsy and that’s why I’m writing so easily.  No wonder so many authors are alcoholics.

Oh my.  This is getting embarrassing.  At least the Rockets are winning.

Dang, it is still raining.  It’s 7:42, and it’s been going literally all day.  Now I see why there are so many enormous plants out here.  I hope it stops tomorrow.  Being pedestrians, it’s really hard to go anywhere when it’s raining.  Although I probably wouldn’t mind another day bumming around the apartment with my lovely husband 🙂  I’m down for whatever when he’s around.  

Yesterday was Halloween…I hate Halloween.  I love little kids in costumes, I love candy (giving and receiving), but I hate what the holiday becomes after about age 11.  Around then it becomes more about mischief, and after that it becomes about booze and sex.  Lame.  People getting slutted up to get wasted and act like idiots.  Really?  I can’t knock people for wanting to party, it’s just the pretense of Halloween.  Don’t we have Mardi Gras for this?

I love weekends.

Oh yeah, babies.  They are awesome.  Lately I’ve been writing some stuff on my opendiary account, which seems to have become exclusively baby-related.  I just wrote something about BPA, and how the FDA said it’s a-ok and now some panel is saying their methods in determining that were questionable and we shouldn’t be dismissing BPA quite yet.  I started a forum about court-ordered cesareans, how they’re extreme but they happen.  In the end it’s a women’s rights issue, along quite the same lines of abortion.  Can you or can’t you decide what’s right for a woman, her body, her family.  I think I also wrote about unassisted deliveries.  

I think I have to go comfort my husband now…


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