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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on November 17, 2008

Saturday: Worked from 8-10am, register training.  Not worthless, although almost entirely self-explanatory.  Got to know some other new folks.  Called John on the way home, he met me down on Irving for some breakfast at Art’s, which has been a weekly fix since we’ve been in SF.  It was quite possibly the most gorgeous day of all time, so we took Tippy and went to the park.  She ran in circles and we read books.  I was very concerned that my back was getting wet, which it was not.  Wanted beers, but Park Chow had a 20 minute wait for patio seating, so we went home.  So tired!!  Wanted to fall asleep at 5, managed to make it to 8.  Transfered from couch to bed at some point, somehow slept hard and restlessly simultaneously.  Meaning, every so often I would briefly wake up from a really deep sleep to discover that I was incredibly uncomfortable, move, then fall right back into a really deep sleep.

Sunday:  Up, shower, cereal.  Or up, cereal, shower.  We had grocery store plans, but I had an on-call shift at 1, so we had to wait til 11 so I could find out whether or not I needed to work.  I didn’t.  Off to the store, which is a different experience when you don’t have a car.  Took the N to the nearest Safeway, looked for a coffee shop on Duboce before we realized there was a Starbucks inside Safeway, and shopped — very aware that whatever we put in our cart we would have to carry to the bus, on the bus, and from the bus.  Everything ended up in three very heavy bags, but we managed.  I think the store is now restricted to a weekend activity so that we can go together, unless we decide to sign up for Zip Car.  Then junk food!  We went to Slider’s, which is now called Jenny’s, for burgers and wings.  The wings were disappointing, I think, but the burger was wonderful.  Did we do anything after that?  I don’t remember, how sad.  I do know that we had guacamole for dinner.


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