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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Better than Christmas. What’s not to like? A bunch of family getting together to eat, a lot. And then take a nap. Well, I guess we usually don’t take naps, because we have three Thanksgivings to attend. In any case, I love it. Before we moved, my mom got us all together for a Thanksgiving-in-August because we wouldn’t be able to go come back on the actual holiday. I’m so glad we did that, because it would be a real shame if I’d had to go more than a year without all of those wonderful foods. Thanksgiving here, as it turned out, was pretty awful for me. Mom and Claire got in town the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and I got about two and a half days to hang out with them before I got terribly sick. My stomach started cramping really bad, and pretty soon I was on the floor of the living room willing myself to not throw up. It didn’t work. John got home from work early, and pretty soon thereafter I threw up. Mom and Claire left to leave me to my misery, and I spent pretty much the rest of the night rushing to the bathroom and heaving so hard that my abs and back and ribs would be sore for days, all while my sweet husband looked on wishing there was something he could do. In addition to the nausea, the cramping never went away, so I was in physical pain most of the time. It was kind of like when you have a really bad headache, and you just want to be really, really still and not open your eyes, and very specific things would feel good or bad, like touching my head would be good but touching my back would be terrible. (Digression: Obviously, on a very different scale, this is what I imagine labor to be like; like when you hurt so bad that you have to go inside it, and anything that would distract you from concentrating on whatever thing is helping you cope, like questions or people or lights or whatever, would make it hurt so much worse.) I was also incredible dizzy and the trek from the couch to the bathroom was the absolute max that I could manage without getting tunnel vision. At one point I had to pee, and being upright made me dizzy, and being dizzy made me want to puke, so I did, but I started feeling like I was going to black out, so I finished puking lying on my side. That’s right, on the bath mat. Gross. John tried to save it, but to no avail.

Day two was Thanksgiving, and I was still nauseated, but not vomiting anymore. John pretty much acted as Superman the whole day, going to the grocery store in the morning and figuring out what to make, then cooking for Mom and Claire. I still couldn’t stand for long, so I stayed on the couch. I think I managed to eat a bite of mashed potatoes and some applesauce. Oh, almost a whole piece of toast.

Friday morning I was feeling nauseated again, but not as bad as before. Claire and Mom came by to say goodbye. I was really bummed when they left because I felt like I didn’t get to do anything with them. I still couldn’t eat much of anything and stayed horizontal almost all day. I felt really bad that John finally had some time off and I was stuck on the couch instead of doing something fun. Oh well, at least we got to spend some time relaxing together.

Saturday, still weak. Not walking much, but starting to eat normally. Saturday night we went and saw the Bond movie, which was better than I expected considering how many people hated it. John made a good observation though, that it was more like a Bourne movie than a Bond movie. Where were the gadgets? Where was Q? Anyway, the movie pretty much wore me out completely.

Sunday morning we went out to Art’s for breakfast. I was still feeling really picky about food, so I actually didn’t get a hashbrown sandwich. After the walk back to the apartment I took a nap…still no energy.

Yesterday was Monday, and I finally felt normal! I ate like a real person! I didn’t lose as much weight during this whole thing as I thought I would, but still like 6 pounds. Don’t worry, I’m already getting it all back. Oh, and I got my hair cut! He didn’t do as good of a job as last time, but I still like it.

It’s so hot in here! I’m gonna go do some yoga, I think. Maybe.


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