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Day Off

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on December 16, 2008

So I wasn’t called in for my shift today.  Normally I’m desperate for hours, but I’m glad I get today to rest.  For one, I worked from 3-11:15p last night, which was totally exhausting.  We were really busy, the floor was a wreck so it took forever to close…it just wasn’t good.  I was scheduled to get done at 8, but I had an 8-close on call shift that they actually ended up taking.  The other reason I’m glad I get to rest is that my back is killing me.  I did yoga yesterday before work, and it tends to make my back muscles really sore, then while I was at work I think I might have pulled something in my lower back.  We have these circular tables that have really low shelves, and rather than squatting to fold, I just hunched over and walked around the circle straightening everything.  When I tried to rise back up, it was like I just couldn’t get past a certain point.  I immediately thought, “Oh, so this is what they mean by ‘throwing out’ your back.”  After a couple seconds I was able to get upright, but it definitely still hurt.  I put a heating pad on it when I got home (and slept with it on, despite all the warnings not to) and this morning it’s just super, super sore, like I worked out a lot.  

I’m switching up my registration for the CSET.  I originally signed up to take all 3 subtests on Jan 10, but there is absolutely no way that I’ll be ready by then.  I think I’m going to only take the first test, then take the other two in March.  The first one is a bunch of stuff that I never even studied in my major, like oceanography and astronomy and geology, so it will probably require the most preparation.  The other two are mostly biology related, so I shouldn’t need to study too much to get ready for them.  I just haven’t been able to make studying a priority since we’ve been in San Francisco.  First with the move, getting settled, then getting all the information about the program and taking the CBEST, all the while trying to find a job, and now that I have a job and things have somewhat settled down, it’s the middle of the holiday season and we have family visiting and I’m working weird hours and trying to find either second job or one to replace this one if they don’t keep me after the season.  Anyway, all of that just means that I haven’t been studying and I don’t want to have to retake any of the tests, if for no other reason than they’re expensive as hell.  

As far as a second job, I was talking to one of the girls I work with and she mentioned that she also works at a gym, coaching level 6 girls.  I was immediately super excited, because it’s another thing that she and I have in common (she’s 23, married, and she’s pregnant so we’ve been talking about baby stuff (I’m obviously not pregnant but we are on the same wavelength when it comes to baby stuff)), and also excited when she said they are looking for coaches and that the starting pay for trainees is $12/hr.  She gets paid $19/hr for working with the competitive girls, so I’m guessing that recreation coaches (which is probably what I’d like to do) are somewhere in the middle.  It would be an absolute dream to be able to work a shift or two a week at Anthropologie so I can keep my discount, and then actually make some money at another job.  I know I like coaching, I’ve been wanting to go back ever since I left Capital in Austin.  If I can actually make money doing it, all the better!  And maybe it will help me stay in shape, because I can do the conditioning along with the kiddos.  I’m going to try to call them later today and see if I can meet with them sometime soon.

That’s about all that’s going on…I started reading a Marsden Wagner book called Pregnant in the USA (I think that’s what it’s called…I might be wrong), and I like it.  It comes on really strong…so strong that I wonder if it could preach to anyone but the choir, but it’s still full of really good information.  Being an MD, he can offer a perspective you don’t normally hear from in the natural childbirth realm.  He talks about the isolation of doctors, how their egos are fed and how the hierarchy within their kingdom works (OB/GYN, administrators, nurses, patients).  How loyal they are to their own, how ACOG works.  Really interesting.  I might expand on it later, right now I’m going to make some tea 🙂


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