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Happy doing what we’re doing

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 5, 2009

The tree is in the dumpster, the ornaments are packed away, the ball dropped: the holidays are over.  Our first Christmas by ourselves was a success; we drank coffee and made a gingerbread house, we watched Christmas movies.  The next day our family came in and we toured them around the city for a couple of days.  Everyone seemed to be doing well…Bryan is about to move back to Denton and start taking classes again, Adam moved back to Georgetown in the fall and it seems like this semester was better than the last, Claire is figuring out what she wants to do and where she wants to go when she graduates.  Tom didn’t come because he’s leaving for a mini-mester in Rome.  Adam talked a lot when you’d give him a chance, Bryan told epic stories and demonstrated his bodily anomalies, Claire walked next to me and took pride in knowing the shops in the Haight, knowing that the dirty kids are just this generation’s hippies and knowing the ropes on Muni.  Dad rode the bus like a champ and we got a kick out of seeing him ride with the masses.  We opened presents, we went  up to Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39/Ghirardelli Square/the crooked part of Lombard Street, we drove up to the Muir woods and braved the Haight to show Dad that record stores do still exist (on a side note, if he gets a turntable like he said he wanted to, then I have Christmas and birthday presents for him nailed until the end of time).  We crammed into our apartment and watched movies at night when we were all tuckered out.  We didn’t go out to Alcatraz, but I don’t think Christine was disappointed.  It stayed dry.  All in all, it was a very successful, very fun time.  It’s always a big deal when all (most) of the kids are together, since we live in five different cities now.  It’s like being with an old best friend that you don’t keep in touch with anymore; no formalities, just picking up where you left off.  We might as well have all been living at home still.  It makes me feel better about never really calling, although I still should call more.  Or text, at least, since everyone, even my dad, has embraced the idea of mini-emails as a primary form of communication.  

Since they left John and I have been able to spend a lot of time together, which is obviously awesome.  We said goodbye to them on Sunday night, and John called in sick to work on Monday because he was feeling bad (duh).  He worked Tuesday and Wednesday, and we spent New Years Eve quietly at home.  On New Years day we went downtown to return some gifts that didn’t fit and spend our giftcards.  On Friday John worked from home and in the evening we went to the Embarcadero Cinema and saw Milk.  Absolutely loved it.  Going down there really reminds you that you live in a city.  You walk out of the theater straight into the financial district and catch a bus home.  Saturday (yesterday) I had to work from 2-1030, but today we got to spend some more time together.  We went grocery shopping, armed with the gifts my mom gave us:  a shopping bag on wheels for heavy things, and these little plastic handles that let you carry your bags without hurting your fingers.  Genius!  We were able to do a normal shopping trip, without worrying about weight, and still carry it all home easily.  Well, easy is relative, I guess, but easier than usual.  We’re so eco-friendly, what with our no-car and our reusable shopping bags 🙂  

Starting tomorrow it’s back to life-as-usual.  Well, for John anyway.  I have to look for a second/different job, study for the first CSET subtest (this Saturday), and try to figure out when I can start volunteering at Everett.  Anthropologie has asked me to stay (I was hired seasonally), but working ten hours a week is a joke.  There are a couple of gyms I’m going to call, and hopefully I can coach gymnastics either in addition to working at Anthro or instead of.  I need to start volunteering this week so that I can rack up my hours before the application deadline, which is Feb 15.  And speaking of that, I need to get a couple letters of recommendation as well.  I have one that’s been promised but not received, and the other I’ll ask one of the E-Team moms to write for me.  Sally would be best, but I know better than to ask her to write anything.  In reality, none of that should take very long, but it seems like a lot right now.  

In sum: we do what we do, and we’re happy doing it.


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