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i will always

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 13, 2009

oh my god do you even remember when things were complicated?  i’m growing up right before your eyes, folks.  i wrote thank-you notes after christmas.  THANK YOU NOTES.  this christmas i might send out christmas cards to people.  i’m considering keeping an updated address book for that specific purpose.  you never know.  growing right up. 

the sun has finally gotten its act together this week.  thank you, sun, i hope you stick around.  i get bummed when you’re gone.  

do you remember the night that i had a really terrible sinus infection and you left the party to get me medicine from walgreen’s and then you asked me to be your girlfriend?  do you remember how nervous i made you about meeting my dad and then it turned out you were right and dinner was delightful?  there are very specific things, moments, snapshots, that i will smile about forever.  oops i forgot my hair stuff at your house.  “i saw you holding hands under that table, now tell me what happened.”  a voicemail, a confession, a ride home.  a date, a real one.  we kissed and i was leaning back on my heels and was very concerned that i would fall into the water.  i overflow.

oh, we are good.


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