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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 14, 2009

ok, here’s an actual update for you instead of nonsense about how much i love my husband and the sun.  

today i woke up feeling really awful.  the headache that started yesterday was still around, worse.  my eyeballs hurt.  my nose was all stuffy, which makes me think that it’s all sinus related.  it wiped me out.  i made coffee and didn’t really do much of anything until noon.  i showered and started cleaning up the apartment, or at least putting clothes away.  coats and sweaters accumulate very quickly on the back of the computer chair and there’s almost always a pile of my pajamas in the bathroom.  i still haven’t put away the ornaments.  baby steps.

in the afternoon i went and mailed dylan’s birthday present.  i didn’t pay for whatever method would guarantee it there by saturday, so.  fingers crossed.  i don’t think he’ll hold it against me if it’s late.  as i walked out of the post office there was a dude asking for change so i gave him a couple ones.  we talked about the weather and he said he liked my sunglasses and that he likes when ladies have style.  i have style!  i feel like i’ve bought more clothing in the last three months than i normally buy in a year.  i guess working retail will do that to you.  and asking for pretty much only clothing for christmas.  if i’m lucky i broke even at anthro.  look, i’m already speaking in the past tense.  seriously, it really feels like when we just moved here and i was job hunting.  on that front, i tried to call the gym today a couple times and no one answered.  in the meantime, i guess i’ll just keep working five hours a week if i’m lucky.  god, what a joke.  

tomorrow i go volunteer, and then i’m sure i’ll go to the grocery store since it’s right there.  dang, i’m boring myself with my own life.  i think on saturday we might go ride bikes across the golden gate bridge and have drinks in sausalito with a guy from john’s work, his girlfriend and some of their friends, then take the ferry back.  if that happens then i’ll actually have something of interest to write about!

i just got my ups package!  there was a bunch of stuff christine got me for christmas from anthro that didn’t fit, so i returned them and used the gift card to get this super adorable dress and these shoes.  LOVE this dress.  love it.  the shoes are not quite what i was expecting, but still awesome.  and now i’m done buying clothes for a very, very long time.

jb, get home right now.  we need to have a very serious talk about what a great husband you are, how good you are to me, and how much i love you.  fasten your seat belt.


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