[full of it]

jobs. bummer.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 16, 2009

i’ve been 99% worthless today.  the 1% is for cleaning the bathroom.  oh, and i did a few dishes.  98%.  around noon, john (who’s working from home today) said, “so, no shower for you today sus?”  i did shower, eventually.  i even put on some makeup.  i ate lunch, which consisted of french bread, brie, and dry salami.  oh, and an orange.  i watched the history channel, something about archeological sites in england.  i’ve been thinking about learning to knit, and i found a neat looking shop that’s about a block from the school, so maybe i’ll go there next wednesday.  maybe on days like this i can get in the habit of knitting and listening to records instead of stumbling around the internet.  that’s about it.

yesterday i emailed my resume to a gym, my second choice.  i could do birthday parties on weekends, but that’s it.  i’m going to avoid working on weekends as much as possible, although i should be looking for office jobs if i want that to happen.  i don’t know how realistic it is for me to work regular 9-5 hours anywhere other than an office.  


so, i just looked around on craigslist for jobs.  nothing awesome.  i’m back to needing something temporary, less than a year, since i’ll (fingers crossed) be back in school in the fall.  if i could actually get hours at anthropologie, it would be fine.  but even then, if those hours are evenings and weekends, it won’t work.  so if the other gym doesn’t work out, i’ll start looking at other customer service jobs.  some place that won’t be pissed if i leave after eight months, where there’s no such thing as an on-call shift.  oh well, it’s a long weekend, i’ll forget about it for a few days.  

i’m out of ideas.


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