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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 19, 2009

before i get into the wonderful happenings of today, let’s talk about other things.  like my interview.  i was seriously worried i would be late because i missed the bus i wanted to get on, but it turns out that it’s only like a ten minute bus ride and the stop is literally right in front of the gym.  the gym itself is really tiny, but i kind of expected that since a city like this has limited space in general.  it’s just one big room, no separate parent or office area, so i ended up interviewing within full earshot of the moms watching their kids run around.  it wasn’t exactly an interview in any formal sense, we mostly just chatted.  she talked about what kind of vibe they like to keep in the gym, told me about the training period (which will be cut very short for me).  like i said before, she’s kind of in an emergency situation with coaches, so i might be taking over my own classes as early as next monday.  the rest of the time was just spent figuring out where she’d want to put me.  at the beginning i may only have 15-20 hours a week, but she said she fully expects that to go up, AND if i get to 29 hours a week, she offers benefits, totally free.  i’ll start out 1.50 more per hour than i was making at anthro, and after a few months i’ll probably get a raise.  i go in tomorrow to start shadowing!  just with the training, i’ll get more hours this week than i’ve gotten in the last three at anthro.  

speaking of anthro.  this week i have three on-call shifts and one definite shift, which is tomorrow 6-close.  i’ve already called three girls to get those shifts covered, since i’ll be training, but so far i haven’t found anyone who can cover the shifts tomorrow.  i really, really, really don’t want to have to work tomorrow night.  i’m going to call the scheduling manager tomorrow to see if i can somehow just drop it, since they’re apparently desperate to save payroll anyway.  whatever.

ok, now onto today.  one of the guys from john’s work, joe, and his girlfriend, carolina, invited us to go bike the golden gate bridge with them and some of their friends.  i  have to start this story by saying that i was a total jerk to john this morning.  i was tired (because i actually had to work yesterday), grumpy, and totally not in the mood to spend my sunday biking around with strangers (well, i’d met joe and carolina before, but what if their friends were totally obnoxious?).  since i was sulking around trying to look miserable but not saying that i didn’t want to go, john asked if i wanted to cancel.  i, of course, said no no, we have to go, we already said we’d go, basically determined to go and be in an awful mood all day.  after a couple cups of coffee and some sunshine, i finally cheered up, much to john’s delight, i’m sure.  as it turns out, joe and carolina’s friends are delightful!  there were two other couples besides the four of us, plus a lovely young lady named linda.  we got our bikes from one of those tourist rent-a-bike shops, then set out.  there were definitely some tough parts to the ride, especially before the bridge.  there were three parts of the road that were very steeply inclined…i only managed to stay on my bike up the first one, then i walked the rest.  along the way to the bridge were some AMAZING views, like this one:


and then on the bridge itself…dang.  i was expecting to be terrified, because i’ve become quite afraid of heights lately, but it was way to beautiful to be concerned with silly things like falling to your death.  here’s how beautiful:



see what i mean?  for real.  after we got over the bridge, we rode into sausalito, which is thankfully all downhill.  what an adorable little town!  great view of the city, right along the water.  we were all starving, and ate at a place called horizon’s.  after food, we hopped on the ferry back to the city.  more gorgeous views!  like this one:


another quick ride back to the bike shop, and the day was done.  well, joe gave us a ride home, then the day was done.  after all the energy i put towards being miserable this morning, i had the most amazing time.  it was so incredibly sweet of joe and carolina to invite us along.  oh, john almost got hit by a car.  i was right behind him, and for some reason the car went around me, but then started drifting back over and came extremely close to clipping john’s handlebar with his mirror.  i thought he was a goner.  

anyway.  i’m exhausted and hungry again.  i’m going to be terribly sore tomorrow.  that’s what i get for not riding a bike for about four years.


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