[full of it]


Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 21, 2009

since i have a few minutes before leaving to go to the school, i thought i’d share with you this observation: i have extremely high arches.  i think when i was a kid a chiropractor told me this and advised that i always wear insoles with arch support.  i didn’t.  my feet hurt a lot, so when i was in walgreens the other day, i thought i’d give them a try.  i didn’t get full insoles (that shit is expensive!), i got these little stick-on arch support things.  i put them in my favorite black flats this morning and….they don’t even touch my arches.  BUMMER.

in other news, i’m totally exhausted.  i guess i got accustomed to not doing anything, ever.  after working saturday, biking sunday, working monday and yesterday and getting up early to work (for free) today, i’m pretty beat.  i just have to get through tomorrow, then i can rest on friday.  tomorrow i have two classes to teach in the morning, and they haven’t asked me to come back in for the afternoon classes, but i think they will.  i kind of want to, anyway.  so, i’m tired, but it’s nice to have something to do again.

“my bones…”


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