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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 25, 2009

i got a haircut!  it looks like this:


see how fierce i am?  look out.

see how fierce i am? look out.

my hair guy chris jokes that he’s eventually going to shave my head because i want it shorter each time i come in.  when he first saw me i looked like this: 


i kind of miss it.  kind of.

i kind of miss it. kind of.

yesterday was SOGOOD.  we had our first zipcar adventure.  [[i’m going to digress for a moment and mention that i worked out a deal with the gym that i will be available to sub on saturdays in case someone calls in sick, but i won’t have any classes to myself.  you have no idea how excited i am to have weekends with my husband.  NOIDEA.]]  so, we booked a zipcar (a toyota matrix named maera) from 12-330 online, then walked down to 12th and judah to get it.  since zipcar just rents/buys parking spots wherever they’re available, they can be in some odd spots.  this one lives in the parking lot of a body shop, not really in a parking spot, just in an area right in front of one of the bays.  we held my zipcard up to the sensor, and click, doors unlocked.  the keys are attached to the car itself, right by the ignition, and off we went!  we went to the serramonte center in daly city and spent a decent amount of money at target (oh, first we went to jamba juice and i got one of those acai drinks, which was lovely), then we went across the street to sports authority so i could get some sweatpants for work.  it would figure that as soon as i fill my wardrobe with super trendy, cutecute clothes, i get a new job where the uniform is sweatpants and t-shirts.  after that we went to in-n-out burger.  delicious.  number two, animal style, crispy fries.  i didn’t even feel bad about it.  we got the car back just in time (late fees start at $50!) and spent the evening watching our current disc of the sopranos.  oh, that tony.  you’re a mobster, yet so lovable!  you scare me and i like it!

this morning we went to art’s, as usual.  sara knows now that we don’t need a menu, but doesn’t quite have our orders down yet.  or she does, and asks us what we want just to humor us, or play along, or because she thinks there’s a chance we might want something different this time.  we won’t.  the usual, sara.  always the usual.  after we got back, john played video games and i worked on my mom’s birthday present, which is a 2-disc set full of songs we both like.  it looks like this:

disc 1:
1. don’t fence me in – asleep at the wheel
2. if i had $1000000 – barenaked ladies
3. the man in me – dave bazan
4. i’d have to be crazy – willie nelson
5. seven lonely days – smoking popes
6. you remind me of home – ben gibbard
7. them that got – ben folds
8. everyday – buddy holly
9. cold, cold heart – dinah washington
10. marsh king’s daughter – eisley
11. freight train – elizabeth mcqueen and the firebrands
12. something’s got a hold on me – etta james
13. jacqueline – james hunter
14. i will follow you into the dark – death cab for cutie

disc 2:
1. it had to be you – motion city soundtrack
2. texas river song – lyle lovett
3. dream river – the mavericks
4. a change is gonna come – sam cooke
5. nightswimming – r.e.m.
6. art snob solutions – of montreal
7. harvester of hearts – rufus wainwright
8. it’s a motherfucker – the eels
9. southern manners – the watson twins
10. there is no greater love – dinah washington
11. can’t go back now – the weepies
12. sugar moon – willie nelson
13. texas, me and you – asleep at the wheel

i rearranged some of the songs, but for the most part, the list is in alphabetical order.  whoops.  anyway, i’m proud of my handiwork.  after art’s john and i went to wishbone and got her a card that says “if we were in prison i’d watch your back.  i would totally shiv someone if they dissed you.”  it seemed appropriate.  

as for the rest of the day, we’re thinking we may go see a movie.  but oh, which one?!  we haven’t seen much of anything lately, so the list is long: doubt, slumdog millionaire, the curious case of benjamin button, the wrestler, the reader, revolutionary road.  lordy.  

john just walked over and kissed me, and in between kisses said, “warlord.  stole ’em.  taxation without representation.  taxing you.”  just in case you were wondering why i married him, that’s it.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on January 26, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Again, I LOVE your hair…too cute!

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