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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 29, 2009

ready.  ready set.  ready steady.

o, and when it’s good it’s good.  i feel like myself today.  my brain is squishy again.  this is what we call getting-back-in-touch.  i don’t slip very often, do i.  i have a pretty firm handle on my brains and my hearts.  that is, i hold a mirror up often enough to know what i’m doing.  you know when you’re taking stairs two, three at a time and you’re really flying, pumping your arms and getting there, then the step’s not there and shit!!  arms flail and eyes go wide and shins get banged and then you’re on your hands and knees.  maybe it’s like that.  o i’m so dramatic!  

today:  woke up, snoozed, woke up, showered, kissed/said goodbye to john, made/drank coffee, got dressed, caught the bus (barely!), got to everett and had a lovely day!  in 2nd period i didn’t do much, but it’s a small class.  during third period i helped a few kids learn about valence electrons, which was SOAWESOME.  i really did something!  they’re getting used to me, have figured out that i mostly know what i’m talking about, so they raise their hands and look at me if ms gonzalez is busy.  i’m starting to get their names down, which helps.  then lunch, which was not as awesome, but at least i have a good story for you!  so.  i went to church street cafe, which is a nice place to have some tea and a bagel and kill some time.  so i’m alternately writing in my journal and reading 20,000 leagues under the sea, when a woman comes in and plops her stuff down at the table right next to me.  i feel like it’s necessary to describe this woman physically…she was very manly.  manly build (think: calves the size of my thighs), broad face, strong jawline, big hands.  her voice and hair were the only feminine things about her.  well, and the tights and skirt.  anyway, i noticed immediately that she had texas stickers all over her laptop.  four, at least.  so, when she sat down after getting her coffee, i said,

“are you from texas?” and she said, “no.”  
“oh.  i just saw your stickers.  i’m from texas.”
“well, i lived in houston for about five years.”

at this point another guy, a couple tables over, popped in and said,

“i’m from austin!”
“that’s awesome, my husband and i went to school at UT!”
“right on!”

this should have been the point where all three of us thought something like, “what a small world!” and went back to whatever we were doing. this is, at least, what the guy and i did, or what i tried to do. the woman had other ideas. ideas like speaking half-lucid nonsense to me for the next fifteen minutes, not recognizing my attempts to politely end the conversation, asking me if i knew this person or that coffee shop or this political group, telling me the name of every single town she’s visited in texas (many, many towns). AH. i did everything i could think of short of saying, “listen, i really need to get back to my reading.” i’ve gotten a little bolder, a little less shy as i’ve gotten older, but i couldn’t do it. so i left, still with an hour before i needed to be back at the school.

i decided to walk around the castro, since we haven’t really explored that area much. i didn’t get all the way into the heart of it, but it was cute. i went into a tiny little knitting shop called imagiknit on sanchez. it was sooo adorable, full of so much stuff i wish i knew how to use! there’s a table full of finished projects, it looks like they maybe let customers come back and sell what they’ve made, which is a marvelous idea. then i went up to crossroads on market, which is a second-hand store kind of like buffalo exchange. i saw this adorable little purse, only $15, and hid it behind some other stuff so i could go back and get it after class. during 7th period, which is a spanish-speaking class, a student gave me a pear! talk about all-time cliche-iest cliches ever! it was made all the more adorable that she couldn’t speak much english. aw. i really should learn spanish. it’s so, so similar to french that i can understand most of what the teacher says, and i’m understanding more every week. 8th period is by far the worst class of the day. it’s only about 8 kids but none of them get along, they’re constantly making racist comments to one another, it’s just not good. one of the few sweet kids is named efrain, and i helped him do the valence electron worksheet. it was so unbelievably satisfying to explain something to him, have him get it, answer the next one on his own, then explain it to the rest of the table himself. when the bell rang he stopped at the door, turned around to say bye and thank you to me. yay me! the school is small enough and i’m around enough of the students that when i walk through the halls between classes at least four or five kids will say hi to me. warm fuzzies! it’s the little things, you know.

oh, AND. this is not good news. it’s also not terrible news. it’s annoying news. gross news. i have a new wart on my foot. i get stressed out for a week, my immune system takes a nap, and BAM. there it is. it’s super tiny and super painful! it’s between my two littlest toes on my right foot. this is my third foot wart, and all have been on the right foot. weird. anyway, in case you’re unfamiliar with my wart history, here it is for you. in college i got a wart on my finger. i went to the doctor, who froze it off. well, tried. instead of getting rid of it, the freezing made it bigger. it expanded into the entire area of skin that was damaged by the freezing, which is to say: it was enormous. i went to a dermatologist, who explained to me that freezing doesn’t kill all of the “bad” cells. it kills most, and is supposed to kind of shock your immune system into recognizing the remaining cells as bad and killing the rest of them. apparently, my immune system didn’t, and will never, recognize the bad cells, so it just spread. she gave me a shot that is supposed to flag the viral cells, and within a week the whole thing was gone. last year i got a wart right in the bottom crease of my baby toe that hurt like crazy, so i went to another doctor and had a hell of a time convincing him to not freeze it off. he finally agreed to give me the shot along with some kind of topical acid stuff. it went away. now i have another one. DANG. i’m sorry i made you read that. the point is, i certainly must have been stressed.

and finally, TA-DA!  the purse.  



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  1. French Friend for Life said, on January 29, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    CUTE! and only $15…sounds like an altogether nice day.

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