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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 31, 2009

here’s what i have to say about life right now: even when it isn’t easy it’s good.

my right ear won’t pop.  i’ve tried bribing, manipulating, coercing, holding my nose and mouth and blowing, everything.  this is day three, it’s time to give it up, man.  how long can we go on like this.  i thought we were friends.

today i job hunted on craigslist a little.  oh, let’s talk about jobs in general first.  i am SO relieved that i’m not working at the gym anymore.  SOMUCH.  but.  i’ve worked ten hours in the last four weeks at anthropologie, plus four-ish hours at everett each week, which leaves me with an absurd amount of free time, a touch of guilt for not contributing anything financially (even though i don’t really need to), and ants in my pants.  i called anthro to get my next week’s schedule and to see if hours are going to pick up next month.  they said yes, hours should pick up, but next week i have a single on-call shift, which means i probably won’t be working at all.  again.  BUMMER.  so, as much as i’m glad to be rid of the anxiety that coaching was causing me, i’m still frustrated with anthro.  i just don’t know why they have so many people on staff when they can’t accommodate all of them.  anyway.  back to job hunting.  it’s rare that i find something that i’m qualified for, seems remotely interesting, pays decently, and involves normal hours.  today i actually found something that i’m going to apply for.  it’s a tutoring job, helping kids get ready for the high school exit exam.  the program is somehow associated with the glide church, which is the church in the book the pursuit of happyness.  good money, 16 hours a week (which i would be more than happy with at this point).  i’m not really qualified for it, so i’m not holding my breath.  it was just refreshing to see something that is even a remote possibility.

dot dot dot

just got back from taking tippy on a walk.  i think she’s getting a little sick.  it took her all day to eat her food, which she usually scarfs in about ten seconds.  she’s not playing with her toys at all.  she seemed fine on the walk…we’ll see.  this is the most gorgeous weather EVER.  i’m wearing jeans, boots, and a short sleeved shirt, and it’s a little chilly in the shade, a little warm in the sun.  not a cloud or hint of fog in sight.  it hasn’t rained much at all this winter.  they’re starting to talk about water rationing.  we don’t have a lawn or cars so i guess it won’t really affect us either way.  we just get to enjoy this unbelievable weather!  THIS is why we moved here.

i’m being boring.  i fake tanned myself today.  i’ve been wearing dresses and skirts and my legs are frightening.  i’m normally really pale, so this is nothing new, but i’ve reached a whole new level out here.  plus, i don’t have the kind of skin that looks all that great super white.  i’m not fair, i’m pasty.  there’s a difference.  now, i still look pale, but at least i won’t blind you when i walk by.

right.  i’m not feeling this anymore.  off to clean up the many messes i’ve made around the apartment today.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on February 2, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    I’m pale and so dry it’s gross. I put lotion on 4 times a day and still kinda hurt and flake…yuck. I like you pale and dark headed vs. tanned/ red and white headed…it’s kinda like the good Susie and the bad Susie…so I guess I like you bad but will have a special place in my heart for the good Susie

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