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be still, my indie heart!

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 2, 2009

you know me.  i don’t normally freak out over celebrity news, but oh.  introducing the most adorable couple ever:


zooey deschanel and ben gibbard are engaged!

zooey deschanel and ben gibbard are engaged!

i’ll admit to having a little lady-crush on ms deschanel.  i want her bangs, her style, her VOICE.  ever since that mini-duet with will ferrell in elf (and the recorded version with LEON REDBONE!), i’d been keeping an eye and ear out for a real album from her, then last year she came out with She and Him, Volume One, which i am in love with.  it’s so good, beginning to end.  and what’s not to love about ben gibbard?  great voice, great song-writer.  i got a little put-off when death cab for cutie hit it with the main stream (you know, when some perky co-worker you don’t really like gushes, “oh i just LOOOVE death cab, they’re my absolute FAVORITE!”), but i have to quote my mom and remind myself that disliking something just because it’s popular is just as bad as liking it.  so there.  i like death cab for cutie.  

here’s a little peek of what we have to look forward to:


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