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the things that delight me are small and many

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 3, 2009

so, rachel told me about this a while ago while we were talking on the phone, and i finally actually looked it up.  URBAN KNITTING.  how about the most awesome concept of all time EVER.  this group (which is called KNITTA PLEASE…i might die, this is so amazing), goes around “tagging” things by sewing little sleeves they’ve knitted onto them.  street signs, trees, anything.  you have no idea how delighted i am.  



i am beside myself.  i want to hug you right now.  

there’s also this really great youtube video about it.  i hope this makes you half as happy as it makes me.


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  1. Anne said, on February 3, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Sus, the knittas are all over Montrose in Houston, we have neighbors that have had the columns outside their house “knitta’ed”. And occasionally someone around here will get the cutest car antennae sleeve I’ve ever seen. Such a great idea… P.S. I mailed your goodies last Friday, so keep an eye out for the mail!

  2. meg said, on February 4, 2009 at 3:42 am

    it’s SO funny that you posted about this. that’s my friend claire in the video, she’s one of the girls that started the group. i bet you’ve met her at some point, we’ve been friends since we were 16 or so. she’s the one with the long dark hair and black glasses. knitta actually disbanded after some scandalous legal shit, but claire still knits like crazy and she and some other girls have been talking about starting a new knitting gang. they’ve gotten to do some really awesome stuff, like getting flown out to do exhibitions in los angeles, new york, paris. weird weird awesome stuff.

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