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bring it on down to my house, honey

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 4, 2009

it’s a new music day!  i love getting excited about music.  especially new old music!  willie nelson and asleep at the wheel collaborated to create a new album: willie and the wheel.  lovely!  i love western swing.  LOVE it.  country, jazz, blues, dixie: western swing loves it all!  western swing also loves willie, apparently.  it’s throwing me a little to hear willie singing tempo-centric tunes like “sweet jennie lee” because he’s such a behind-the-beat kind of guy, but it works really well.  now when i hear anyone else do it i’ll be trying to sing along willie-style, a half-beat behind the band.  i do love that they recorded “sitting on top of the world,” but even elizabeth mcqueen and willie can’t beat tim curry and ray benson rocking it out live.  ah, now i miss austin.  

man, listening to these songs is like teleporting back home.  asleep at the wheel is one of those bands i will always love.  i will always see them whenever i get the chance, and it doesn’t matter that i’ve heard each song approximately one million times, seen the act, know the jokes, it’ll always be a good time.  so many great memories from their shows!  during college it was a great excuse for my mom and i to hang out, and i don’t know.  it’s something we share, loving this music and this band, loving texas dance halls.  it gets me in a certain heart-spot.  she started listening to them when i was a wee one, she took me to an in-store when i was barely walking.  now i’m all growed and we can still go see them together!  


anyway.  today was a good day.  it was yet another day of gorgeous weather.  i finally mailed off my mom and tom’s christmas presents (just over a month late…), i faxed my application off to that school, then sat at starbucks and scribbled and doodled.  so, back in austin, they started making frappucino’s differently…i’m not normally a frapp kind of gal, but they stopped using the mix and used individual ingredients instead.  the baristas were super excited about it when j and i went in one day and we gave it a shot…it was delicious!  soy, extra coffee, and BAM!  awesome drink.  well.  apparently they still use the mix out here.  BUMMER.  was austin a test market?  the barista here looked at me like i was crazy.  i explained to him that they stopped using the mix where i moved from, and said he’d never heard anything about it.  oh well.  tea it is.  now i’m off to take tippy on a walk because she’s looking at me with big wet doggie eyes.  fine, you win.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on February 4, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    I can’t remember if I told you about this website but I think you’ll love it. I pretty much look at at least 30 min every day. It’s http://www.etsy.com

    It sells handmade things as well as vintage stuff. It’s freakin’ awesome. I hope you enjoy!

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