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breathin’ deep

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 5, 2009

the other day i wrote a sad little entry in my opendiary about having sinus problems, how i can’t breathe or taste, and someone i don’t know left me a two-word comment:  neti pot.  i’m familiar with the concept of the neti pot.  put some saline in little pot that looks like a cross between a watering can and a tea pot, stick the spout up your nose, pour saline through your sinuses.  people who use it swear by the practice.  folks.  i am now one of those people.

why has it taken me so long to try this?  probably because it totally grosses me out.  no, it doesn’t gross me out, it freaks me out.  the thought of the feeling of having your nasal sinuses full of water completely freaks me out.  but i figured not being able to breathe is worse, and the sudafed i was taking is definitely not good for me, so i decided to give it a shot.  i went to the little pharmacy on irving yesterday, thinking they’d surely have something that would do.  “uh, no.  we don’t have those.  try walgreen’s.”  dude, walgreen’s is not within a five-block radius, thus not in my plans for today.  so, today was my volunteer day down at everett, and my stop is right by the safeway.  i needed a couple other things as well, so i wandered by the pharmacy to see if they might, by chance, have a neti pot.  well, no traditional neti pots, but they did have a ‘nasal irrigation kit,’ which is this plastic squeeze bottle with a hole at the top and a bunch of ‘sinus rinse’ packets.  i bought it, still skeptical and pretty weirded-out.  i got home and approached the task much like i would taking a swig of nyquil, which is to say: making grossed-out faces while getting everything ready and standing over the sink thinking, “ok ok.  i can do this.  here goes.”  it wasn’t bad at all!  i didn’t drown or cough or choke and my eyeballs didn’t pop out (all of these things seemed entirely plausible).  there was a half-second of, “wow this feels really weird,” and then you don’t feel it at all.  i thought it would take some effort to breathe through my mouth, but it didn’t.  i’ll spare you the details of what came out of my nose, but suffice it to say that it was disgusting and immensely satisfying.  i went from being really stuffed up with wicked post-nasal drip to feeling completely normal.  this is how i will be treating sinus issues from now on.


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