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flow this, idiots

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 6, 2009

i would like to take a moment to discuss flow charts and how much i hate them.  and i really do, i hate them.  the carbon cycle, cellular respiration, biofeedback systems, i hate them all equally.  i end up putting a great deal of time and effort into making my flow chart look nice and neat and it ends up looking like just what it is: a bunch of words and arrows that hold absolutely no meaning to me.  


see how unhappy i am?

see how unhappy i am?



i assume that seeing information in this format is supposed to make it more clear, i know that the arrows are supposed to help me understand relationships and all that, but i really can’t comprehend it in the form of a flow chart.  i would much rather read a paragraph explaining the relationships than see the chart.  some people are visual learners, some are auditory, i am an anything-but-flowchart learner.

i’m obviously back to studying for the CSET, which is march 14th.  i’m taking two subtests this time instead of just one, but i think it will be easier to prepare for these than the last one.  these subjects are at least familiar to me, i’ve covered them in classes since fifth grade.  i still don’t know whether or not i passed the first test…i think i find out the 9th.  if i didn’t pass it, i’ll have to take it again in may, which is my last chance to pass if i want to enroll in the fall.  and they stopped doing spring enrollment, so it would be an entire year before i’d be able to apply again.  so, no pressure or anything.  i don’t think i could wait that long.  wow, i’m not even going to consider that as a possibility.  positivism!  i’m going to pass the tests and i’m going to enroll in the fall!  that’s “the secret,” right?  yikes.  pretend i didn’t do that.

note to self:  you can no longer let your hair air-dry, you look a little ridiculous right now.


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