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rain rain rain

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 9, 2009

what a delightful weekend we had!  on saturday we got up early (well, early for me) and ate at art’s (duh), then went over to AT&T park for this giants fan day they do out there.  they open up the park to the public, so you can go in, see the stadium, go down on the field, listen to player interviews, get autographs, tour the locker rooms.  we didn’t stand in the huge lines for autographs or anything, but it was neat to be down on the field.  we met up with vincent, a guy from john’s work, in the stadium.  john got a giant’s hat and t-shirt.  after that we went down to anthro so i could check out the schedule for this week.  only one shift, which is tonight, but that’s better than the last two weeks.  since we were downtown, we went to the apple store so john could get some better headphones, which he’s wanted for a while now.  now i have earbud envy.  maybe when i’m riding the bus everyday again i can justify it.  then we went into the crate and barrel on stockton, and i got some kitchen towels, a little olive oil cruet, and a set of really neat wooden utensils.  if we’d stayed in the store any longer, i think john would have gotten this chaise, which was probably the most comfortable piece of furniture i’ve ever lounged in.  back on the N to head home and let the tipster out, then we decided to go see the wrestler at the west portal theater.  man, so good.  so good!  it was definitely tough to watch, but not in a tear-jerker sort of way.  i had to look away more than once.  my favorite part about seeing movies at that theater is that they have a bulk candy display, including strawberry belts!  i hadn’t seen those since i was about twelve and would get them from the candy store in the mall.  

on sunday we got up and made breakfast, then cleaned the entire apartment.  like, really cleaned.  why can’t it just stay like this?  hum.  we needed a few things from the store, but not a lot, so we went down the road to roxie’s.  we realized in the store that we were pretty hungry, so we dropped everything off and then went down to irving and ate at l’avenida, a tiny, tiny little mexican place that i’m growing seriously fond of.  then we went into wishbone to look for valentine’s stuff, but they didn’t have what i was looking for, so we went to tutti frutti, which is a super cramped little toy store full of kitsch and crap, but they had cheesy little valentines.  what else…i think after that we went to starbucks, where i ran into a girl i work(ed?) with at anthropologie.  i have to admit that i did the thing where i saw her, but didn’t want to say hi because i don’t know anything about her except her name, so i tried to pretend i didn’t see her, but she and her friend sat down at a table right next to where i was standing waiting for my drink.  i tried just facing away from her and towards the bar, but she saw me and tapped my arm.  it was awkward.  i made the excuse that it was about to rain so we had to get going, but we just walked over a few blocks and went into crossroads.  i found a couple of okay things, but nothing awesome.  john found some cool coats, but they were all either too big or too small.  so it is with second-hand stores.  

oh dang!  i think they’re actually going to take my on-call shift.  i’m on hold.  that would mean an actual 8 hour workday.  wow, they are taking it!  hurray!  

i had more to write about, but now i have to go find something trendy to put on and get some lunch in my belly.


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