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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 10, 2009


i LOVE this print.  also, pretty much everything in jennifer comstock’s etsy shop.  especially the owls!  I WANT ALL OF YOU.

hm.  news.  i passed my first CSET exam, got the unofficial results yesterday.  yay!  i really wanted to congratulate myself with new clothes, but i refrained.  the store is completely different now, all of the spring stuff is in, and there are probably twenty items i wanted to set aside for myself as i was working yesterday.  only the desire to net positive at that cursed store kept me from spending money there.  what else.  i’m knitting a scarf!  my favorite part about learning to knit so far is that i have something to do while john plays video games or watches sports center.  today i went out and bought a miniature french press from starbucks.  it was a completely unnecessary purchase, because i already have a french press, but it’s a big one and i wanted one that i could just make a single cup of coffee with (with which i could make a single cup of coffee.  that’s for mom).  john never has time in the morning before work to make coffee with out big ol’ drip machine, and i always feel silly using it when i just want one cup for myself.  now that we actually have a good burr grinder, i can make coffee with the french press that isn’t sludge.  i made some this morning in the big press, and it’s delicious!  if it wasn’t 3pm i’d try out the new guy, but i’d rather not stay up all night.  

and.  the other day we finalized one of our home-trips for the spring.  the e-team picnic is on april 11th, easter weekend, so we’re going to fly in the night of the 9th and hang in houston for the weekend.  then we’re going to drive to austin and john is going to work from that office for a couple days, then we’ll head back to houston for the last part of the week before we fly back on saturday the 18th.  i, if not both of us, will be making a quick trip at the end of may for claire’s graduation.  i know dad wants to take a trip this summer, and we have rachel’s wedding in austin in november, so we’re having to be really conscious of how much time off john has available and budget it.  it would be really awful to get to july and realize he has no time off for the rest of the year.  oh, he’s also getting his wisdom teeth out at the end of march, so there’re a couple more days he’ll need to take off.

that brings me to today’s installment of “life as a pedestrian.”  there’s no such thing as hopping in the car and heading to the store anymore.  all trips require more time than they used to, and most require more planning.  to go to the grocery store, i have to fill up my cart keeping in mind that i’ll have to carry all of it on the bus and half a mile back to our apartment.  if we do need a car for something, we have to reserve a zipcar in advance.  so, when john gets his wisdom teeth out, what should we do?  we definitely won’t be taking a bus back to the apartment.  so, we can either take the bus there and take a cab back, or we can reserve zipcar and i can drive.  the cab will probably be cheaper, although we’re paying $50/mo for zipcar and not all of that rolls over to the next month.  i’m assuming there’s parking at the doctor’s office.  i’m sure we’ll end up just calling a cab to drive us back, i just thought i’d share this new aspect of our lives.  

here’s a question for you:  what if we need to go to the ER?  let’s say i slip outside and break my wrist (now that i’ve said it, this is obviously going to happen to me soon).  if i did it in austin (assuming it wasn’t something awful like a compound fracture and john was with me), we’d get in the car and drive to the hospital.  here, we only live about a mile from an ER, but how do you get there??  there are ambulances, but they cost a fortune and it seems silly to call one if you’re not in dire need of immediate medical attention.  bus?  walk?  cab?  they all seem equally ridiculous.  hopefully we never have to figure this one out.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on February 11, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    So you found etsy.com! Awesome. I like those prints too.

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