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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 13, 2009

oh if you only KNEW.  it’s been a good day.

today i am proud, and have been quite productive.  my sfsu deadline is on monday, but i spent this morning getting everything together so i can drop it off tomorrow.  the only real thing i had left to do, other than making photocopies of test results, was write a statement of purpose.  it only took about an hour, which was about what i expected.

oh hey, jenn’s getting married!!  this june!  gosh, who would be crazy enough to have such a short engagement…er…anyway, super happy for her and eric.  i love love!

so, that brings to total trip count for this year up to four.  april for an actual visit, a whole week, end of may for claire’s graduation (maybe staying through my birthday?), june for jenn’s wedding, and november for rachel’s wedding in ausitn.  yikes!

as you can probably imagine from my blog title, i’ve been listening to elton john today.  i have the “here and there” record and i’ve listened to it twice!  that is SO unlike me, to listen to a record then immediately flip it back to the beginning.  

jb home!  see ya suckas!


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