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laundry fail.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 18, 2009

hey folks.  it’s been what, like four days since i’ve updated?!?!  i know you all must be very upset with me, i know how your day hinges on my blog entries.  my sincerest apologies.

what’s been happening, then?  not a whole lot, my friends.  well, ok, some things.  some really good things, like valentine’s day!  john had reserved a zipcar starting at 2pm on saturday, so after a delicious breakfast of hashbrown sandwiches, we headed over the bay bridge to explore some of the east bay.  until then, our east bay experience had been limited to the ikea in emeryville.  i’ll have to say, berkeley was not quite exactly (at least at first) what i was expecting.  it was a little grungy, kind of dirty.  but it gets cuter and cuter the closer you get to the university.  we followed signs to a rose garden, which would have been way prettier if it hadn’t been the dead of winter.  then we walked around the campus a little, paid $4 to take the elevator to the top of the bell tower.  pretty!  then what…oh, we walked around the little downtown shopping area for a little bit, including a comedy/fantasy bookstore.  then back to the city to change for dinner!

john had made reservations at a restaurant called beach chalet, and it was delightful.  not super fancy (i wore jeans without being out of place, most girls were in dresses), and the food was really good.  my only complaint is that our waitress went mia several times, but it was busy.  oh, and i stuffed myself to the point of misery.  i fell asleep SO HARD when we got home, pretty much immediately.  fun times.

sunday…sunday…well.  i don’t think we did much.  the weather was so, so terrible, it pretty much kept us indoors.  i ain’t complainin’. 

yesterday is hardly worth mentioning, but you know what is?  the earthquake we felt last night!  it was a wee one.  i once again thought that it was the wind somehow shaking our apartment (this seemed logical to my 4am self).  to be fair, the wind is pretty fierce right now.  it howls, it shakes the windows, it slams our doors shut.  anyway, the earthquake was teeny tiny, and if i hadn’t gotten in the odd habit of waking up between 3 and 4 every morning, i probably would have slept through it.  john woke up at some point, too, and i had to tell him about a very odd dream i was in the middle of having, which seemed very real and kind of creeped me out.

ok.  in the dream, john had come up with a scheme to get us a lot of money, which involved stealing a lexus and a pickup truck, then driving far away, i think to sell the truck.  i was never really involved in the details of the plan, and was really pissed about it.  i had been in a school, and john showed up with this truck and we left.  i vaguely knew that he had stolen the truck, but i didn’t know how other than that in order to steal the truck he’d also stolen a lexus.  wha?  so, we argued in the car over him not giving me details of this plan, and he pretty much just said that if we got caught, he wanted me to know as little as possible.  at some point, he fell asleep at the wheel, and i couldn’t wake him up and ended up climbing into his lap and drove the truck into the parking lot of a hotel, where he got us a room.  oh, we also had tippy and another dog, a pit bull, with us, which i was also pissed about.  so, while we’re checking in, the hotel guy tells us that he ran the plates and he knows the truck is stolen.  he says he isn’t going to call the cops, but we should leave.  we didn’t…we went to the room and discussed the details of the inevitability of us getting caught with this stolen truck.  would we go to jail?  would john lose his job?  would i ever be able to be a teacher?  it was very serious.  there are a lot of smaller weird things that happened that i’m having a really hard time remembering…

figure that out, dream doctors.


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