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i win!

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 21, 2009

oh friends, i’ve won something!  i’m probably way more excited about it than i should be!  

anne had mentioned in her blog that the Blah Blah Blahg was doing a giveaway a day for the entire month of february.  different artists contribute one of their pieces, along with a question to the readers.  you leave your answer as a comment, and the artist picks the winner.  apparently jennifer altman digs how much i love my husband!!  the question was:  what makes life beautiful for you?  and i answered:  

my husband, everything about him and us and our relationship. being young and in love together. from my journal:

“i know that we are young and moony-eyed, and at the risk of sounding naive, it’s just so easy. it’s easy to be in love, i don’t stretch and we don’t meet in the middle, because neither has to leave where they are to be together. i’m proud and flattered and i have the ultimate freedom to never have to apologize for being what i am, to not be afraid to misstep, to not hold my breath. c’est une vie sans souci. it’s hard not to smile about it all, and why would you try to fight it.”

and i won this lovely print!  i get it in about two weeks!

other than that, not much has been happening around here.  today i clicked around craigslist looking at apartments, just out of curiosity because our lease isn’t up until the end of august.  i wish rent was like this when we moved here, everything is way more affordable.  it’s really making me wish our lease was up now, because we could move into a really cute, much bigger place closer in.  oh well.  maybe it’ll stay down until september….hm.  as much as i’d love to move into one of these places i found today, i don’t think it would be worth however much it would cost us to break our lease.  bummer.

so, the weather this weekend and the first part of this week was absolutely miserable, prompting me to order some rain boots.  it’s really kind of silly that i don’t own any, considering how much it rains here and the fact that we walk everywhere.  anyway, i ordered them a couple days ago and since then it’s been absolutely gorgeous.  figures.  

that’s it, have a lovely weekend, folks!


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  1. Anne said, on February 21, 2009 at 2:07 am

    Hahaha! I read your comment and totally did not put it together that it was you! I’m such a dummy… I was thinking “what a cool girl and she speaks French taboot!” I should have know that such cuteness could only come from you! I’m so glad you won, that makes my day! Love you!

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