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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 23, 2009

bad weather here is different than bad weather in texas.  well, not so much the weather itself, but you know.  how it affects us.  today the weather is bad.  this is a storm, although previously i would have thought a storm needed lightning/thunder or torrential downpours.  this is just wind and wet.  very strong winds.  it’s not raining hard, but the wind makes it come in sideways, at times completely parallel with the ground, making umbrellas more of a fashion statement than a functional accessory (and even then, only if the wind hasn’t blown it inside-out yet).  it’s so isolating.  our options are extremely limited in weather like this.  when we have to walk five blocks to get anywhere, what’s worth braving the weather?  in austin, a bad weather day means we probably won’t be going to the grocery store, but we could go to the mall, see a movie, maybe run a few errands.  not here.  we sit, we listen to our windows rattle, and watch copious amounts of trash tv.  the other part of all of this is that is doesn’t last for just an afternoon or just a day, it lasts for a week.  i can definitely see how seasonal depression can be a problem in places where it’s like this everyday throughout the entire winter.  at least here, as opposed to someplace like seattle, the good days, even in the winter, seem to outnumber the crappy ones.

so today, like i said, we’ve just been hanging out in the apartment.  i think we’ve watched four episodes of no reservations, including the episode where they get stuck in beirut and spend ten days watching the city get bombed from a hotel on a hill.  intense.  now we are making spiced tea and there are cinnamon raison cookies in the oven (i can’t really say that we made the cookies because we just bought a bucket of dough…).  tonight we’ll probably watch the oscars.

yesterday was much more exciting.  after breakfast we went down to SOMA to check out the other avalon complexes.  so, the other day i was clicking around craigslist and noticed that rent is WAY down right now.  duh, right.  well, i was thinking dang, i really wish we could take advantage of this, but our lease isn’t up until august.  well, since we are in an avalon property, we can move into any of their other complexes without breaking our lease.  they have three buildings in SOMA, really close to john’s work, two of which have come down into our price range.  on a map they look like they’re in pretty good locations, but we wanted to go down and check it out.  well well well.  we were mighty disappointed.  first we went to the complex that’s only five blocks from anthropologie, which is to say, very close to downtown.  the walk from powell station south to the complex is pretty — very developed, clean, commercial…MOMA, yerba buena gardens, all that.  the building itself has a whole foods on the bottom floor.  awesome, right?  well, the entrance to the apartment faces a freeway, and the opposite side of the street (which backs up to the freeway) is like another world.  covered in graffiti, smelled horrible, loud, you get the idea.  not awesome.  we were going to talk to the people anyway, look at floorplans or whatever, but they weren’t in the office and we didn’t stick around.  from there, we walked towards the complex that’s right by the bay bridge on harrison, still only about a block from the same freeway, but in a more developed area.  well, more developed in a bad way.  there was absolutely nothing within walking distance, definitely better for someone with a car, not looking for a neighborhood type feel.  all that to say that we’re staying here until august.

since we were downtown, we decided to catch an early movie.  we saw doubt.  AMAZING.  loved it.  meryl streep comes from another planet, i’m pretty sure.  how can someone be so good at what they do?  she’s untouchable, in a class all her own.  that being said, philip seymour hoffman comes pretty freaking close.  guess that’s why they’re nominated for oscars, huh?  i’m kind of surprised that it isn’t in it for best picture…i definitely liked the movie better than slumdog millionaire.    anyway, if you haven’t seen it, go now.  

ok, now i’m going to eat a cookie, drink some tea and watch the oscars with hubs.

what?  anne hathaway can sing?


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