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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 28, 2009


last night started out like any normal night.  [i’m already building this up to be waaay more dramatic than it was.]  john got home, we started dinner: breakfast tacos.  just as we were finishing up (i was pulling tortillas out of the microwave and john was getting plates out) we heard this really weird buzzing noise.  if we’d had a ventilation hood, i would’ve thought john had turned it on or something.  after a couple seconds, i think i asked if it was the fire alarm.  we opened our door into the hall, and sure enough, the fire alarm was blaring.  eff.  we put shoes on our feet and a leash on tippy, the whole time bemoaning the fact that we were about to waste all that perfectly good food.  or the eggs, at least.  so we grumbled and walked down 8 flights of stairs, with a few neighbors joining the pack along the way.  there weren’t as many people out in the parking lot as you’d expect, given that the entire building should have been evacuating.  after about five seconds of standing around, wondering if anyone had called the fire department (there are signs above every alarm that says that it will not automatically contact them) and not knowing how long it would take, we walked our hungry bellies down to l’avenida to get burritos.  the original plan was to get the burritos, then walk back up to the apartment with them and watch the situation while we ate.  two (three?) fire trucks passed us on the walk to l’avenida, sirens blaring.  by the time we got our food and walked back (including a pit-stop to talk to the eastern european woman who runs a convenience store on the corner), the trucks were gone and everyone was back inside.  no idea why they were called, what the issue was.  it’s mildly frustrating. 

today i went to the school, just for the morning.  a couple of people (grad students?) from UCSF have been coming in and doing labs for 1st and 3rd period on fridays.  it was fun, they do a little lecture and then help them with a lab.  they work with the teacher to present relevant information and all that.  it’s really cool that they do that, the kids were really into it.  today they explained how to turn milk into yogurt, explaining and measuring pH and talking about enzymes and reactions.  at times i think the language they used went WAY over the kids’ heads, but they got the gist of it.  these kids are all smart, but most of them have only been speaking english for a year.  at one point i heard the teacher explaining to a group of kids what the word “surface” meant, meanwhile the lab person is talking about “inoculating the milk with the starter culture.”  eesh.  doesn’t really matter though, the kids had a great time.

let’s see.  after that i went to the grocery store and got way more than i was prepared to carry home.  i didn’t bring our re-usable bags, which have big enough handles that i can carry them on my shoulder like a purse, so i had to carry the bags down by my sides, which sucked.  but, at least now we have food.  it’s supposed to rain all weekend, so i knew if i didn’t go now, we’d end up eating out (or ordering in, rather).  boo.

i’m trying to brainstorm what things we can do this weekend if it does end up being miserable.  maybe, since we both have functioning umbrellas now, we can go to a movie if it’s not too bad.  i want to see the reader, maybe benjamin button.  or maybe the oscar nominated shorts, if it’s still playing at embarcadero.  maybe play lots and lots of yahtzee and drink lots and lots of spiced tea.  

man, i’m getting more and more excited about our trip back to tx in april.  AH!  i mean, i’m always vaguely aware of the missing-my-family feelings, but i can keep from dwelling on them for too long.  i did get to see all the sibs around christmas, which was so delightful, but it’s starting to’ve been a long time since i’ve seen everyone again.  i don’t know if that sentence made sense…i’m just going to keep going and try not to re-read it.  anyway, it’s been a long time, i feel like i haven’t seen my mom in a year.  not to mention john’s family–he saw them briefly for brian’s graduation, but i haven’t seen his parents since october and his siblings (+ spouses + dylan) since the day we moved and i cried like a four-year-old saying goodbye to everyone (and intermittently for the next hundred miles or so).  on top of getting to see everyone, i’m REALLY looking forward to eating A LOT.  i want queso before every meal, breakfast included.  greasy enchiladas, CONEY ISLAND, bbq…i’m not ever on a diet or anything, but for the most part i pay pretty close attention to what i eat.  not on this trip, folks.  i’d like to come back to california fat and happy, chunks of goode company brisket stuck in my teeth.

“you might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in texas”



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