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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 4, 2009

so, we found out what happened with the fire alarm.  someone in the building started a small stove fire while they were cooking dinner, put it out with the fire extinguisher, then pulled the fire alarm, which apparently does automatically alert the fire department.  seriously?  come on, man.  i understand getting freaked out if you start a fire accidentally, but did you really need to pull the fire alarm if the fire was already out?  open all your windows, call maintenance, maybe.  but i don’t think an already-put-out stove fire warrants the evacuation of a ten-story building.  you owe me some breakfast tacos.

the weekend was pretty lovely, as always.  john hasn’t been feeling so hot these last few days, not full-on sick but teetering.  the weather pretty much kept us indoors, except we decided to go see coraline in 3-D on sunday…didn’t exactly go as planned.  we got there half an hour early but it was already sold out, so we saw the international instead.  not bad.  not amazing.  on monday morning john was feeling super crappy still so he took an extra recovery day.  in the afternoon the sun came out, after it had been pouring all morning, so we took the dog for a walk, thinking the sunshine would do us all some good.  we walked over to the deserted athletic fields in the park so we could let tippy off her leash (don’t tell anyone), and as soon as i stepped off of the stairs and onto the muddy, sloping ground i slipped and fell straight on my ass.  mud ALL OVER my butt and legs and boots.  i, fortunately, thought the whole thing was hilarious.  my lovely husband let me wipe my muddy hands on his undershirt.  we kept walking through the field; i kept hoping that once the mud dried that i could just brush off the dirt…that wasn’t happening.  i had layered up that day, so i took off my coat and sweater, then tied my sweater around my waist to hide my mud-butt.  oh man.  awesome.

yesterday i did pretty much nothing but study.  it’s finally hit me how close the cset is, so it’s time to get serious about re-learning everything i ever learned in any science class ever.  FUN!  it’s actually going pretty well this time…still tedious.  i have no study stamina anymore!  i haven’t been flexing my brain lately and it’s showing.  after a day of studying my head goes to sleep, i don’t have any energy to be goofy or funny after john gets home.  only two more weeks.  that is, if i pass both of the tests.   eek.

so, today is my volunteer day, and the teacher has been doing some kind of training something every-other wednesday, so i’ve been working with subs when she’s gone.  it’s a really odd dynamic when a sub is there.  i have no real authority in the classroom, but i know the kids better and i know how the class normally functions.  there’s one sub who works in the school all the time, so he knows the kids and the teacher and is really comfortable; my role is the same as always.  the other sub we’ve had definitely defers to me…like, for everything.  he basically passes the classwork out at the beginning and takes role, then everything else is all me.  not like that entails very much, since they usually just do vocab worksheets when the teacher’s gone.  i make sure they’re working, pass out books and dictionaries, explain the words, tell them what the homework is.  they’re definitely more comfortable asking me questions, so it makes sense.  it’s a nice position to be in, really.  i’m not responsible for the class, i’m not being evaluated by anyone, but i get to do a lot with them.  

right now i should most definitely be studying.  i brought the laptop with me today, because i have nowhere to be between 3rd and 8th period, so i’m sitting in one of the only cafes i’ve found with free wi-fi.  after i have my fill of studying, if there’s still time before i need to go back, i might hit up the knitting shop again, this time armed with KNOWLEDGE!  

time to go into ridiculous detail on the processes of TRANSCRIPTION AND TRANSLATION!!  then maybe some CELLULAR RESPIRATION!!!


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