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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 5, 2009

it’s only 12:42 and my brain is already starting to rebel.  my eyes are glazing over, i’m re-reading paragraphs, and i’m ready for a nap.  i just finished up re-learning the gritty details of protein synthesis, and next on my list is the glycolic pathway.  i’ve learned about glycolysis and the citric acid cycle in no less than four different college classes, and i still don’t have a firm grip on it.  i can understand the overview, the complete thought, but when i start covering the details, like how many ATP molecules are involved at each step, i start to lose patience very quickly.  the most frustrating thing is that i don’t even know if the test goes into that much detail, or if knowing the concept is enough.  i’m going to go ahead and spend a lot of time on it, just in case, because with my luck one of the constructed response questions will be to diagram the citric acid cycle.  

i’m taking a little break right now because i have to call work in ten minutes to see if i’m going in today, and i didn’t want to start in on glycolysis if i have to drop it in the middle.  

oh, hey!  rachel posted on her blog today that she’s going to stop watching tv during the day, and i think i’m going to join her.  this week i haven’t been watching much of anything just because i’ve been studying, but it’s so easy to just sit and get sucked in when you don’t have a lot going on.  there are PLENTY of other things i can do, productive things.  

wow, weird, i am going in today.  ok, time to find lunch super quick and get going.


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