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my baby don’t tolerate.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 10, 2009

hello friends.  oh.  

my first impulse here was to rattle off a laundry list of complaints about today.  it’s mostly physical and all minor, so i’ll move on from things that might bring you down.

it’s march!  springtime!  we have a solid week of glorious weather ahead of us.  63 and sunny, y’all.  we’re not quite busting out the short-sleeves, but it’s nice to have some sunshine on our faces.  everyone’s blinds are open, and if i had a broken leg i would probably witness a murder here soon.  i’m crossing my fingers that this lasts into next week as well, because i’m stuck inside studying all week.  the final two CSET subtests are this saturday!  yikes!  i’m not even close to being comfortably prepared for it, so i’m cramming like crazy these next four days.  i’m not too concerned over them, because if i mess up i have another chance in may.  also, i left the first test feeling HORRIBLE about it, thinking there was a better chance that i’d failed than passed, and i’m usually pretty good about judging my performance (read: i’m not that person who SWEARS she failed every test she takes, then ends up acing it), and i passed it.  i don’t know by how much, because they only give you a score if you pass (weird, right?).  hm.

ok ok.  i know i said i wouldn’t complain.  but i have a question for any of you who may have medical knowledge.  my elbow hurts!  it has hurt in the same way for…four or five years.  it’s obviously not excruciating, or i would have been to the doctor for it.  i didn’t do anything traumatic to hurt it, i just kept noticing that it was really, really stiff when i woke up.  after a while i noticed that it wouldn’t straighten as far as my other one, and would be REALLY painful if i bent it or straightened it too far.  this was before i was back into gymnastics, and gymnastics didn’t seem to aggravate it, which i think is kind of odd.  so, like i said, it’s been like that for a long, long time, and lately it’s gotten slightly worse…rather, i notice it much more often.  it’s SUPER stiff and sore when i wake up.  it hurts when i brush/blowdry my hair.  it hurts really bad when i carry grocery bags with that arm down by my side.  it doesn’t hurt to the touch.  it hurts worst when i bend it too far, or when my arm is folded under me.  it pops a lot.  it’s more of an annoyance than anything else, which is why i don’t really want to go to the doc.  i doubt it’s something that could be fixed with anti-inflammatory drugs, because it didn’t go away when i was on prescription naproxen for my shin splints.  if it’s something that needs physical therapy or something more serious, i’d probably opt out unless it gets way worse.  i’m more curious than anything else…any ideas what could be causing it?

john and i made cupcakes on saturday!  too bad we don’t know anyone we can bring them to…we’re stuck with a million cupcakes going stale on our counter.  

what else.  i LOVE daylight savings time.  why does everyone hate it so much?  the actual switch is pretty crappy, losing an hour of sleep, i get that.  but now it’s 5:44 and the sun is still going strong!  john and i can take tippy on a walk when he gets home if we want!  it’s so wonderful to not feel like productivity has to end at 6pm.  

speaking of productivity, i’m going to try to fit in a little botany (my absolute least favorite biology subject by a mile) before the bear gets home.


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