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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 16, 2009

CSET finished.

[for now, at least]


i feel better about part 2 than i did about part 1, and part 3 was probably about the same as 1.  and i passed 1, so i think i’m good.  

the weekend was good, although saturday was taken up with the test.  we went to art’s that morning [brain food!], then john went to the bank and i went to take the test.  it was an afternoon test, i think i got finished a little after 5?  anyway, it was freezing inside the school and much colder outside and i thought i might die waiting for the bus.  so glad it’s over with.

it feels really odd to be finished with everything i have to do to get into this program.  application’s in, tests are over.  sometime next month they start making interview appointments, then if i get in there’s an orientation in may.  then i hang tight until the fall.

i don’t have much in the way of news.  i talked to my mom yesterday and we had the most adorable conversation ever.  she was telling me about this man, this musician, that she’s gone on a date or two with, and she sounded so happy!  she really sounded like a 16 year-old girl talking about a boy, about how her parents embarrassed her SOBAD and how he does things that are just SOADORABLE.  he’s a musician, a country musician, and a LIBERAL!  it’s really, really wonderful for me to hear her sound like this.  i’ve been known to get a little frustrated that my mom wasn’t getting what i thought she deserved, in terms of love.  it’s obviously too soon to say anything about this particular man, but it’s nice for me to hear her talking about dating people who aren’t total slimebags.  i don’t know, i want her to be happy, i want her to have someone to have fun with when the house is empty.  

oh yeah, i watched the documentary Pregnant in America last week.  i saw the trailer for it a VERY long time ago and worried that it might come on too strong, or be too intense for someone who wasn’t already savvy to the whole situation, but it really wasn’t.  it was definitely low-budget, but it did a really good job of compiling all the information, interviewing the right people.  i remember the business of being born being lighter, having funny moments, but this film was definitely more serious, more emotional.  they visit holland, where the vast majority of babies are born at home, and it’s interesting to see the people they interviewed there talk about birth in general, especially the women.  nobody’s scared!  also, the film gave more weight to the empowerment that women feel through giving birth by their own means, on their own terms.  including robbie davis-floyd crying when talking about her own kids, which of course made me cry like a small child.  i HEART robbie davis-floyd.  ina may gaskin and marsden wagner are both great, but a bit on the hippie/radical side.  don’t get me wrong, i love them too, but i’m not sure the average joe will relate to them and would be more likely to dismiss their message.  RDF, on the other hand, is eloquent, professional, intellectual.  she’s a reproductive anthropologist, not someone in the childbirth industry.  also, she’s a prof at UT, so that may have something to do with me hearting her 🙂

anyway.  add it to your netflix.  or just go watch it!


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