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the ol’ one-two

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 18, 2009

folks.  i have two things to tell you.  one of them will be funny when i’m not angry about it anymore, and the other is a potential downer, or at least a source of some worry for me.

number one.  today was a sub day at the school.  this was a new sub, new to me.  she’s a retired teacher and the sub that everyone fears.  she’s old and strict and thinks very highly of herself and her experience.  she spent the first twenty minutes of class talking about her teaching experience, how she continued her education through all of her hardships, and how even though she’s retired, she still wants to share her expertise with the world.  anyway.  when i walked in, i said something like, “hi, i’m susie, i volunteer here on wednesdays.”  she said hello and instructed me to stand off to the side.  she introduced herself to the class, then said, “you’re probably familiar with…” and gestured towards me, so i said, “susie,” thinking she’d forgotten my name.  “no, your last name.”  then, in front of all of the kids, she proceeded to explain to me that if i want to earn the kids’ respect, i must never allow them to call me by my first name.  “miss blank is how the children must refer to authority figures.  first names should never be used in the classroom.”  it went on much longer than was appropriate (if it was appropriate at all), and at the end the kids were all staring at me and giggling.  thanks, sub, for undermining what little authority i may have had in the class.  i was pretty shocked and had no idea what i should say, so i just told her that the teacher and i had discussed what the kids should call me, and we agreed that my first name was fine.  man, the more i thought about it the more pissed i got.  1) this is not your classroom; it’s not to you to determine what’s appropriate or inappropriate 2) addressing the “issue” in front of the class is wildly inappropriate 3) HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?  my mind is blown.  i stayed for the morning classes and ducked out while she was collecting papers.  i’m not a student, there is no need to lecture me about anything.  AH.  

ok, the other thing is that i just got an email from the admissions people at SFSU.  well.  since california STILL does not have a state budget, the university does not have a budget, and without a budget they have no idea how many people they can admit to the program.  they already know that they can’t admit everyone who submits a complete application, like i was told in the fall.  i know that i made it to round 2 because i have an interview appointment on april 1, but i probably won’t know whether i got in until may at the earliest.  it’s really not that big of a deal, because even if it is competitive i probably have a good chance of getting in, but up until now i haven’t really entertained the idea of what i’ll do if this doesn’t work out.  i’m not sure how well i would deal with putting it off any longer.  not going to think about it.  or try, at least.  i guess what i’m more worried about is that for some reason they’ll shut the program down.  they already stopped spring enrollment because of budget cuts.  

ok ok.  on to positivity.

caterpillars.  sunshine.  dresses.  ramen noodles.  yarn.  sourdough.  clem snide/eef barzelay.  makeup.  puppy dogs.


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