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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 21, 2009

well. the no-tv initiative was going strong until today.  and, to be honest with you, i’ve been watching tv in the mornings…a little today show and the first bit of the view, if it’s interesting.  but that’s it, i swear.  today i went back to watching crap tv, but only because i felt awful.  i might be getting sick, i’m not sure.  my throat was sore this morning, but it went away pretty quickly.  trying to get back into the work-out habit, i did some yoga but couldn’t finish it.  besides being totally exhausted, i starting getting a bit dizzy and my head was throbbing when it was down.  so i stopped, showered, ate, and felt worse.  mostly it’s just my head, throbbing at my temples like crazy.  ugh.  what was i to do but watch trash tv all day?  it was the only option, i think.

sadly, that means i really have nothing to write about.  

um.  the weather is supposed to be crappy this weekend.  i have an on-call at work; if it’s raining i probably won’t get called in for it.  rain means no shoppers, so unless someone calls in sick i’ll be hanging with the hubs, which is all i ever even want to do anyway!

what else.  our netflix got lost in the mail 😦  we’ve been watching the sopranos and are now hopelessly addicted to it.  super bummed that we won’t have episodes to watch this weekend, especially with the rain.  rrrr.

we have no food.  it’s going to be beans and cornbread until we can do a real shopping trip.  tonight it’s going to be something involving broccoli and potatoes, then we’ll be completely out of produce.  nightmare!  i still can’t embrace the world of frozen vegetables.  ech.  i guess it’s a good thing that our diet is based completely on fresh produce.

ok friendlies, now that i’ve thoroughly wasted your time, i’ll go back to watching csi and waiting for my husband to get home.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on March 23, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Yeah, I’ve been watch Gilmore Girls in the morning and Barefoot Contessa during lunch…so I’m guilty too 🙂

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