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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 23, 2009

friends, i am not a baker.  i attempted to make biscuits today.  there are subtleties involved that i was unprepared for.  i thought the recipe would be enough, and didn’t read a “biscuit-making for dummies” article, which it turns out, would have been quite helpful.  i made an enormous mess and ended up with jalapeno-cheddar biscuits that look delightful, but taste…funky.  however, i think i’ve pinpointed my errors and will try again tomorrow.  i’ll let you know.

no work for me today, obviously.  which turned out to be a good thing, because jb is home for the afternoon.  working, but home.  we’re both sitting and typing.  if only my typing made money.  speaking of money, i’m really tired of not making any.  it’s getting to be rather old, this whole insignificant paycheck thing.  

so, this morning i got a message from the credential office, confirming my interview appointment for next week.  it was a normal enough message, except that he said that if i didn’t call back to confirm by tomorrow, they would assume i’m no longer interested in the program and would remove my application from the pool.  YIKES!  i’ve called them twice and left a message, no one’s in the office though.  now i’m of course horribly paranoid that they won’t get that message and my application will be tossed.  

word o’ the day:

sciolism: a superficial show of learning.

oh hey, last week we watched the movie W on tv, and i have to say, i really didn’t like it.  i thought the actors were all fine, pretty darn good even (who knew elizabeth banks would make a good laura bush?), but i had to question a lot of the characteristics they gave him.  i though he made a pretty crappy president, but a likable enough guy, you know, on a personal level.  you can’t deny he’s a smart guy, funny…but i’d rather have him at a party than running the country.  he grew up in texas, but that doesn’t make him ignorant, oliver stone.  i’m pretty sure he didn’t eat ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread with cheetos for lunch while he was president.  one little detail i do happen to know about george and laura is that whenever they were in austin they’d eat at jeffrey’s, which is more foie gras and cavier than chicken fingers and ketchup.  anyway.  it was all so speculative and looked like it was directed under an agenda.  boo.  

time to take the dog out.  see ya, suckas.


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