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backwater blues

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 26, 2009

i said i would update on how the soup turned out AND it was (is) totally delicious.  i think it’s called some thing like “southwestern chicken soup,” which to me is just tortilla soup.  i got the recipe out of a cookbook that john’s grandma gave us for christmas.  we altered it a little bit…instead of pace (barf) we used the salsa we normally eat.  we also overcooked the potatoes because we left to take tippy on a little walk while they were cooking and ended up discovering an unofficial dog park by our apartment (it’s a little field that was used for a pumpkin patch and a tree farm, and is now just open) and lost track of time a little.  it actually turned out for the better, i think, because the potatoes fell apart a little and thickened everything up.  now we have a massive tub of leftovers in the fridge that i’ll be eating for lunch for the next week.

so, today was volunteer day.  i only have one good story — during third period, one of the kids was acting up and the teacher asked him to go out into the hall.  on his way out the door, he kicked the chair out from underneath another kid.  scared the crap out of me, because he was about two feet from me when he did it.  a lot of yelling in spanish followed, and the kid was of course written up and sent to the counseling office.  oh, i lied, two stories.  in second period, a kid hit another kid in the face (not hard, but still not okay), and was sent out into the hall to wait while she wrote out the referral.  as soon as he stepped out side he ran down the stairs, and the teacher had to get the hall security guy to track him down and bring him back.  

oh oh oh.  and now for the cutest thing of all time:  on the way home, the bus was pretty packed.  at one stop, a mom got on with two girls, one who was five or six and the other who was maybe three.  there wasn’t a whole lot of room, and the mom ended up stuck with the stroller between her and the girls.  the older girl was holding onto a pole, but the little one was just holding the hood of her sister’s sweatshirt.  when we were stopping for a light, i thought the girl would for sure fall down, so i had my arm out ready to grab her if she stumbled.  she did stumble a bit, and grabbed onto my arm to keep herself up, then held onto my hand for the rest of the ride.  it’s such a little kid thing, you know, to just instinctively grab whatever hand is available like that.  i pretty much turned into a melty puddle, alex mac style.

err.  that’s it.

oh, ps, why do we have a censored version of the black album?  i got 99 problems but a … ain’t one.  hm.


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