[full of it]

tx food!

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 31, 2009

killing time before work.  i guess i could be killing time by putting away laundry…oh well.  

so, tomorrow is my interview for the credential program.  i’m not so much nervous about it.  

other than that, not a whole lot going on (i feel like i’ve said that every single time i decide to write in here).  work is sporadic, still looking for something else.  getting REAL excited about our tx trip (we leave a week from thursday!).  list of restaurants we need to hit:

  • rico’s (or any tex-mex place that serves QUESO)
  • poncho’s (john isn’t down with this one)
  • kirby’s (or whatever restaurant kick dad’s been on lately)
  • maudi’s
  • TORCHY’S!!!

i feel like i’m missing something.  whatev, i’m EXCITED.  it’s going to freak me out to see dylan, probably.  he’s not a tiny baby anymore!  it’ll be fun times.

erm.  time to pack some dinner for work.  BOO FOR CLOSING.  hurray for dollars.


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