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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 7, 2009

ok, you know how i said my elbow has been hurting?  this morning i was looking in the mirror trying to see if any part of it was swollen or different than my other elbow, and yes, there definitely is.  when i flex my right arm there’s a part that sticks out WAY more than on my other elbow.  i keep thinking it’s tennis elbow, because the pain is generally right where i’ve read tennis elbow is, but i don’t have any of the pain with the specific movements they describe.  this tendon or ligament or whatever it is that sticks out starts right between those two bony parts on my elbow, right where they say tennis elbow hurts, but then extends about an inch up my arm, not down my forearm.  anyway, i’ve sat here trying to take a picture showing it, but this was the best i could get.  it’s really not impressive unless you look at the other elbow as well.


well.  now i’m off to continue my day of cleaning and organizing, which is long overdue.


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