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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 9, 2009

we’re about to be on our way!  everything’s all packed, john is on his way back from the apple store to get a case for our laptop.  we have an absurd amount of luggage for two people and a dog.  we’re checking two bags (one main bag and then a garment bag for john’s work clothes), then we’re carrying on a backpack and tippy.  i’m 99% sure we haven’t forgotten to pack anything.  our flight is going to be an hour late, it looks like.  i’m WAY impressed with continental’s flight status thing.  ok, really just this one feature: when you look up your flight, it tells you how long it’s delayed and why, then at the bottom is says “where is this aircraft coming from?  click here to check status,” so i can see when it left houston, AND where it is in the air, because it shows the plane on a map!  i’m probably too impressed by this.  

anyway, we decided to take a cab instead of lugging all of our crap through bart, and it will be here in about 45 minutes.  


SEE YA.  like, real soon.  tomorrow.

p.s. i have a funny credit card story.  last month i ordered my bridesmaid dress for rachel’s wedding.  well, turns out when i was filling out the form i transposed some numbers on my credit card.  instead of just not going through, i’d accidentally given them someone’s actual card number!  so the dress place got paid for the dress!  then they, of course, got a dispute letter from the actual cardholder, and called me, really confused, wondering why i was disputing the charge.  oops.  sorry total stranger, didn’t mean it.


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