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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 15, 2009

we’re here!  there?  here!  

family extravaganza.  let’s see.  brian and rick picked us up from the airport (brian lost weight and looks awesome), saw the new shop, crashed at the townhouse, slept in.  lunch at panera and walk around the mall with mary, brian, dylan, rick, lynn.  dinner with them + anne and ryan – brian at guadalajara.  saturday hung out at townhouse, then went over to dad’s to hang out then get dinner at kirby’s with dad, christine, cara (who has a boyfriend!!), tom, adam, bryan (claire not back from LA yet).  Sunday church with yarbroughs/booths, then easter lunch with them + grandparents.  drive to austin, hang with mom while john works.  torchy’s, lonestar kolaches, SHADY GROVE.  domain, central market, SOUTH CONGRESS, jo’s, the upper crust, target.  drive back to houston tuesday night (last night), sleep in bryan’s old room.  

now mom’s in the shower, john left to hang out with brian, when claire gets home from school we’re going to go get pedicures.  so girly and awesome.  plans for the rest of the trip are tentative and i’m trying not to get stressed out about seeing everyone.  zen.  in and out.  several things to fit in before we go, unfortunately people have these things called “lives” and “jobs.”  dinner with anne and ryan, dinner with my grandparents, possibly anthro with whoever can go, plus time at dad’s since we haven’t seen him much yet.  

.so.  i’m delighted and happy and mushy.  i’m ok at the moment, but will be incredibly homesick once we’re back in sf.  who even cares about that now!  i stole back the black shirt that claire stole from me at some point.  MINE.  



yes.  like i said, i’m all mushy and squishy and prone to sentimentality.  do we really live in san francisco?  hm.  strange how strange that sounds.


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  1. French Friend said, on April 16, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    You’ve gotten so teeny! I miss you so much lady! I’m so glad you’re getting to visit your fam. I’m heading to Texas (minus Dale unfortunately) for my sister’s graduation and cousin’s wedding.

    I’ll give you a call soon 🙂

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