[full of it]


Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 21, 2009

i really thought i’d be motivated today.  to unpack, go to the grocery store, you know.  i didn’t count on it being 85 degrees inside out apartment.  it’s sucking out my energy completely.  i took a shower a few hours ago but you’d never guess it.  i had to pin my bangs back because they were sticking to my forehead.  i moved the fan from the bedroom into the living room and i think it’s the only thing keeping me from actually dying.  it’s totally gorgeous outside, but we’re on the 8th floor and the sun is beating in, baking me alive.  no wind, either.  

anyway.  to catch you up, we just got in from houston late last night.  we were supposed to fly back saturday morning, but i got an automated phone call at 4am telling me that my flight had either been canceled or delayed.  i just assumed that it was delayed a bit because of the horrible weather and tried to go back to sleep, but then it crossed my mind that if it was canceled and the whole plane just got that phone call, that we should get on the phone with ticketing people right away to get seats on a new flight.  so i checked the flight status, sure enough it was canceled, and we called the ticketing people.  and sat on hold.  for an hour.  while still on hold, john called the general customer service line, and they informed us that the next continental flight out was monday night.  LAME.  but we booked it anyway.  then went back to sleep around 630 or so.  i left a note for my dad, who was going to take us to the airport, and by the time i got up at 9 he already had a list of other options for us on other airlines.  we found a sunday flight on american airlines, but decided against it when we saw it would cost $3K.  NOTHANKS.  john had to take an extra day off and is now probably horribly exhausted because we didn’t get home until around midnight.  i have to work today but not until 6.  in the meantime i’m sitting here sweating balls and wondering what i’m going to eat because we don’t have anything and i REALLY don’t feel like going to the store.

i’m just about as homesick as i expected to be.  no surprise there.  i caught myself a couple of times as we were saying goodbye to folks that we were getting in our car to drive to austin.  oops.

i’ve got to get out of here before i melt.  c u l8r.


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