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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 29, 2009

my mom and sister just called me to sing “susie q” to me because it came on the radio.  i have a really, really awesome family.

man, work today was pretty awesome.  my shift was 10-3, and when i got there at 945 the whole bottom floor of the store was a construction zone.  ok, that’s an exaggeration.  but people were walking around with hammers and drills and it smelled like paint.  i guess it was time to rearrange the ENTIRE store.  clothes get moved around constantly, but today the entire visual team plus like three district managers where there moving fixtures and basically changing the entire layout of the store.  for the first hour there were pretty much zero customers, so i helped out doing backstocking, which i LOVED.  is it weird to like backstocking?  i don’t know, it’s so clean and neat and nice.  remove wooden hangers, replace with plastic hangers, size, put away.  i can just get that one task done instead of being pulled in ten thousand directions at once.  after that i helped out the visual team for a bit.  once they figured out where they wanted an item to go and how they wanted it folded, i folded.  not real exciting, but a couple different managers walked by me and said, “oooo, you’re getting to help out visual?!  that’s so exciting!”  really?  i guess.  better than working the fitting room.  THEN while i was in front zone, katy (manager) gave me the heads up that the guy who runs the loss prevention stuff in our district was doing an audit on our store that day, so he may ask me a bunch of questions.  she gave me a mini-quiz and was both shocked and impressed that i knew all of the answers, including what our last cycle count percentage was and what the total cycle count for march was.  anyway, for a few hours there it felt like every time i turned around someone was thanking me for something, or some manager was giving me a “good job/way to go/you’re awesome.”  so.  it was nice.

john got his wisdom teeth out on friday.  it was gross.  when we got home he had to change his gauze and was still bleeding (A LOT), like, dripping into the sink.  i was standing behind him because he was still all wobbly from being sedated, but started feeling SERIOUSLY dizzy and nauseated and had to go put my head between my knees.  what??!  that’s never happened before.  ok, that’s a lie, it happened when i watched my friend will get stitches in his wrist.  he (john, not will) took a nap sitting upright on the couch, and his mouth filled up with blood then spilled out onto his ice pack and down his neck.  that didn’t gross me out for some reason.  he never really got very swollen…now he’s finally done bleeding but not quite eating normal food.  i’m glad i have my happy bubs back.  it’s no fun when he’s in pain.

well well alright.  see you folks.


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