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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 4, 2009

i have a thing i might want to send in to a literary quarterly.  the problem is that i don’t know of any literary quarterlies except for mcsweeney’s.  maybe i should start there, although it seems pretty dang ambitious.  or maybe i should just keep it.  yeah.  that sounds good.

ok.  well.  since work didn’t take my on-call shift today, i’m going to run some major errands.  banana republic to return the shoes that i bought to replace the shoes i lost but then found, anthropologie to get some mother’s day things (that i waited WAY too long to buy and now they surely won’t get there by sunday), and to safeway to get some things that we need but didn’t get at roxie’s.

i’m going to get real hippie on you for a second.  today i bought some spray bottles on amazon (because i couldn’t find them in any store…who would’ve thought it would be difficult to find spray bottles??) so that i can stop using shampoo/conditioner on my hair.  i might’ve mentioned this before, but i’m actually doing it.  or at least going to give it a try.  here’s what you do: mix 1 tbs of baking soda in a cup of warm water, pour over your wet hair, let sit for a minute, rinse it out.  then do pretty much the exact same thing with a tbs of apple cider vinegar in water as a rinse/conditioner.  ta-da!  you’ve just washed your hair without shampoo.  this is also known as going no ‘poo.  besides avoiding all the weird chemical-y stuff in shampoo, you save a bunch of money and it’s better for your hair anyway.  hurray!  there’s apparently a detox period where your hair gets pretty greasy before it normalizes, but i think my hair is past getting greasy easily so i think i’ll be okay.  maybe if it works i can convince john to do it, too.  maybe.  i’m already using dr bronner’s castile soap in the shower, and considering buying a huge thing of it so i can use it for household cleaning and gasp! even laundry.  apparently liquid castile soap + baking soda = great laundry detergent.  who knew? 

ok ok ok.  time to get the day going.


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