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no ‘poo day 2

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 6, 2009

i’m back at church street cafe, as per my usual wednesday routine.  the classes were fun this morning; i set up a lab during second period for the third period class, then helped third period do the lab.  they had to add baking soda and raisins to some water, then add vinegar and watch the bubbles carry the raisins up to the top, then go back down when the bubbles popped.  i think it’s funny that we had the kids use baking soda and vinegar, because the exact same lab can be done using plain sprite…oh well.

SPEAKING of baking soda, i think i’ll give y’all a more detailed explanation of what i’m doing with my hair.  your “shampoo” is 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in 1 cup of warm water (which you leave in for about a minute before rinsing out), and your “conditioner” is the same ratio of apple cider vinegar in water.  i bought some 24 oz spray bottles, so in the future i’ll be able to mix 3 tbsp of baking soda in one bottle (maybe a little less because my hair is short), 3 tbps apple cider vinegar in the other, and just use a third of the bottle each time i “wash.”  for now, i’m just mixing it up 1 cup at a time right before i use it in some big plastic cups, that i then just pour over my head in the shower.

when you first start there’s a “detox” period that i understand a lot of people don’t make it through.  basically, when you’re using shampoo, you strip all the natural oils from your scalp and hair cuticle, then you use a conditioner to artificially replace those oils.  because you’re constantly depleting those oils, your scalp over-compensates and tries to make more (if you’ve ever used those oil blotting papers for your skin and noticed that they actually make your skin more oily faster, you know what i mean), and you get greasy.  so you use shampoo more often.  so you get more oily.  vicious cycle!  when you go from shampoo to no ‘poo, it takes a while for your hair to normalize, so there’s a period of…greasiness.   i’m only on day 2, and i didn’t do anything but wet it today, and my hair feels like it generally does when i don’t wash it.  not really greasy, but enough to make me pin my bangs back.  i certainly don’t think that anyone can notice that i didn’t wash my hair today.  i’m going to go ahead and “wash” it tomorrow, then try to slowly increase the days between washing until i find out what works best for me.  once you get through the detox, your hair shouldn’t really ever get oily at all.  

i obviously have limited experience, but from what i understand it’s a lot of trial and error.  you may need to wash every other day, maybe once a week.  there’s another baking soda technique where you put about a tbsp in your palm, then add enough water to make it a paste and rub it in more like you would a regular shampoo.  if your hair feels rough or brittle, you’re using too much baking soda.  if it feels super slick and looks kind of greasy after you wash it, you’re probably using too much acv, and maybe you only need to use it every other time you use the baking soda.  i’ve also heard of people watering down some honey and using that as a conditioner/rinse.  

i do like that when you use the baking soda, it’s basic enough to make your hair feel slippery, so you can actually tell that you’ve gotten it everywhere.  with the acv it feels like you’re just pouring a cup of water over your head, but it definitely makes your hair super shiny.  oh, and i was worried about my hair being tangly, but even today after just wetting it i had no tangles whatsoever. 

one thing i’ve noticed right away that’s awesome for my hair is that it has a little more texture and “grab” to it, which i LOVE.  some people have said their hair gets curlier without shampoo, and most people notice that it has more body without all the heavy conditioner.  i’ll take a picture tomorrow after i wash it so y’all can see how it looks.


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